31 Things To Do Before October 31st

Last year I wrote a cute Christmassy post listing '25 Things To Do Before December 25th'and everyone seemed to really love it, so I'm back this year with a twist - I'm going to list 31 things to do before October 31st, which is Halloween! I find that as soon as Halloween is over everyone really gets into the Christmas spirit. Even the stores and supermarkets, as their Halloween stock gets slashed in price and all of the selection boxes and Christmas trinkets come out to play. I feel like Halloween/Bonfire night (it's a UK thing) are the last hurrahs of Autumn so here are some Autumnal things to do before then!

1. Go trick-or-treating
2. Go to Starbucks/Costa/any coffee shop and order your favourite hot drink.
3. Wear your favourite dress with a pair of tights and chunky boots.
4. Paint your nails orange/yellow/red. My current favourite is Barry M's Mustard.
5. Go for a walk and take an Instagram of your feet (in shoes, hopefully) surrounded by brightly coloured leaves.
6. Bake some Halloween cupcakes.
7. Host a fancy dress competition with your best friends/work collegues/family. Whoever wins gets a bottle of wine/chocolates!
8. Push your summer clothes to the back of your wardrobe and bring out all of the knitwear.
9. Take a bath using one of the Lush Halloween bath bombs or bubble bars.
10. Burn a cinnamon scented candle.
11. Host a scary movie date night or sleepover with your best friends/partner.
12. Carve a pumpkin.
13. Walk into a family dinner, exclaim "Troll! In the dungeon! Thought you ought to know." then proceed to faint.
14. Snuggle up under blankets and watch Netflix.
15. Watch ALL of the Halloween specials. (PLL is on my list this year!)
16. Bake some hearty bread. I like banana bread with chopped nuts!
17. Attend a bonfire.
18. Start thinking about your Christmas wishlist.
19. Play apple bobbing!
20. Sip some apple cider.
21. Grab your best friend/sister/parent and go charity shopping. Stop on the way home for a warm drink and a muffin.
22. Dress your bed with cosy throws, blankets and pillows.
23. Read a horror story. Alternatively, you could go for a thriller.
24. Watch a scary film at the cinema.
25. Buy yourself a new hand cream/body lotion. Massage it into all of your dry skin.
26. Read in front of the fire.
27. Stop for a moment and watch the leaves fall from their trees.
28. Update your skincare routine. Include a more luxurious, creamy moisturiser.
29. Try a new flavour of tea.
30. Take your dogs for a long walk through the woods.
31. Throw/attend a Halloween party.
What do you think of this little to-do list? Is there anything else you would add? x


  1. I love doing 21! I my favourite place to go charity shopping in Edinburgh is Stockbridge. We always stop off at a wee cafe for coffee and cafe afterwards.

    Roxie x
    The Beautiful Bluebird

  2. I love this list! There are so many good ones on there I definitely want to do. I need a 'feet in the leaves' Instagram pic soon, haha! ;) And 14. and 26. are a must!! xx

    Ashton :: Beauty, Books and Babble

    1. Thank youuu! I still don't have my Instagram photo! I need to get on it haha xx

  3. Loved this so much! I need to do all of these, most importantly 13 which had me laughing so much! have a lovely October. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  4. Loved this post!!!!! I wish I had time to do these, i definitely will crave a pumpkin and try and watch some Halloween films x :)


  5. This is the best Autumn/October list I've ever seen. I want to do 99% of the things on this list (definitely doing the Harry Potter one ;) ) Seriously looking forward to ALL these things. Carving a pumpkin, scary movie marathon, hot drinks, bonfires, what I would add is reading by the fire, you pretty much mentioned everything else

  6. Great blog post! Halloween is my favourite time of year! xx



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