2015 Goals


Can you believe it's 2015 already? I feel as if January 2014 was like, ten minutes ago. And aside from the fact that it's a new year - it also means that in one month I'm going to be 20. How bloody terrifying. But before my existential crisis, I thought I'd jot down some of the things I hope to achieve this year. I've sectioned them off into three categories: blog, life and writing. You'll notice that I haven't mentioned anything about healthy eating/exercise and that is because I decided to set myself goals that I actually will enjoy achieving. Healthy eating is something I try to do anyway, but I'm not giving up my pizza or pasta for anything.

Reach 300 Bloglovin' followers.
Host a one year blog birthday giveaway.
Have a header designed.
Try my best to use all of my own photographs instead of using Pinterest.
Host a guest post.
Create features and maintain them.
Go 100% Cruelty Free.
Paint my bedroom.
Get my nose pierced.
Get a tattoo when I'm one year free from self harm. (8 months to go!)
Visit my nan more.
Love my appearance, and stop talking about getting a nose job.
Make more effort with my friends.
Stay positive.
Don't give up.
Save, save, save!
Explore the world - even if it's still in Bristol.
Go to five events. (0/5)
Make use of my Happy Jar.
Spend more time with my brother.
Try out yoga.
Try and write every day, even if it's only one line.
Upload a new short story to Figment.
Create character profiles for all of my stories.
Print out completed short stories and store them away in a folder.
Write down every single idea that pops into my head.
Work on my dialogue.
Get a notebook and write down character names/words I'd like to include in my writing.
Complete at least one draft.
Well... I think that's enough to be getting on with, don't you? Leave links to your 2015 goals posts in the comments, or just leave your goals in a list, if you like. I'd love to read them! xx


  1. These lists are wonderful, Lauren! Love that you're set out to try new things like yoga and even tattoos. Really happy for you! (By the way, could you tell me a little about guest posting? I'm new here and they say it grows your audience but I don't get it!)

    Beautiful post. Have a beautiful 2015. <3

    http://thoughtsintiffanyblue.blogspot.com/ --> My goals are in my latest post!

    1. Thank you so much! & I'll cross over to your blog now and explain a little more about the guest posting xx

  2. I love your 2015 goals, especially your life goals! Get your nose pierced, you'd look amazing with it AND it doesn't hurt a bit! I would like to explore the world (yes, even if it's my own hometown too) and try yoga!

    1. Thank you! I think getting my nose pierced is a complete definite for this year - I've wanted it for so long! I'm glad to hear it doesn't hurt haha!
      & I think with exploring, sometimes it's nice to just stay where you are and become a bit of a tourist for the day - there's so much history in Bristol but because I'm so used to it, I never really appreciate it! x

  3. Great goals! my blog turns 1 year this year and I want to host a 1 year giveaway too... need to start saving and come up with some ideas lol happy new year!


    1. I know how you feel - my 100 follower giveaway wasn't that long ago, so I need to think of a fresh giveaway prize! I have until May, though, so I have plenty of time haha x

  4. Ah these sound like really good goals Lauren - equal amounts practical and aspirational! I highly recommend Yoga with Adriene on YouTube and there's a 'Daily Yoga' app which recommends short daily routines (:

    1. Thank you! & aahh thank you, that's so helpful! x

  5. Love your goals - definitely a good mixture! I'm still writing mine out, but I think I'm nearly there :3

  6. great list of goals, good luck and happy new year! x

  7. Fab goals lovely. All the best with them!! :) Happy New Year xxx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

  8. Am an Anglophile from across the pond and love reading your blog. Read your post about New Year's Resolutions and loved you're wanting your nose pierced. While on holiday in the UK, I had mine done at a great place called Blue Banana. It barely hurt only a bit more than having my blood drawn and much like having my ears pierced. Maybe a 2 / 10 on pain scale. They use a little piercing instrument which is super quick and no big needles.

    Just wanted to reassure you that if it has been a long time desire of yours to have your nose pierced, then go ahead. You have a very pretty face and super cute nose. You would look fab. My only regret was I should have done it sooner when I first wanted it rather than wait till I was almost 30.

    Over coffee with my bestie, I asked her if I should go ahead and have it done. To my surprise, my GF
    surprised me and said, she had always wanted her nose pierced too. Hello, why didn't you tell me
    sooner and "Ta da," that made my decision to go ahead. After asking around, we both went together
    and had it done at Blue Banana. I was squeamish, but It was much less than I imagined.

    All I can say is that it was a spontaneous moment, and I'm so happy I plucked up the courage to finally get it done. Like OP, it was so worth it :)


    1. Thank you for this comment! It was so helpful. I'm thinking of going to Blue Banana, as the person I'm going with wants her nose done too, and wanted it done using a gun instead of a big needle. Thank you again!

  9. Glad my comment was helpful. With me I decided to get a quite small stud on the left side of my nose, because I didn’t want it to be a ‘in your face piercing’. I chose BB after a bit of research on where to go and what to expect, I found that the people working here were super friendly, and really helpful.

    What to expect? I didn’t have to book it or anything, you just have to fill out a form about yourself, choose a stud type (I chose a 2mm titanium clear stone). Afterwards, I got some written instructions, some tea tree oil and salt solution for cleaning and caring for the piercing. Overall the piercing literally took about 5 minutes and the process took less than 30 minutes total.

    The woman who pierced my nose was very informative and made me feel comfortable and she and the environment was all hygienic which is a big relief (there’s nothing worse than somewhere like that being dirty or you not being comfortable with them. I chose a gun because I researched and it said a gun is less painful and is a quicker method and as you said about your friend, would be better for people who don’t like needles.) She also told me a gun is a much safer way because the needle is handled unlike the little piercing instrument which has the nose piercing stud in a sterile, sealed cartridge and never touched by hand.

    The hardest part for you and your friend will be which side of your nose and who gets to look pretty with their nose pierced.

    Will be looking for a blog post and picture.


  10. I love some of your goals! I definitely want to be happier during the year and I think staying positive would be a big help to that... And I've always wanted to try yoga too!
    Good luck with all of your goals!
    - Taisie ♥ | Life by Taisie


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