The Sunday Post 02

Happy Easter! & to all of you that don't celebrate the holiday, Happy Sunday! I for one had a giant chunk of Easter egg for breakfast, alongside my peanut butter on toast. Cause I'm totally healthy like that. Surprisingly, though, I have managed to put the rest of the egg in the fridge for future reference because if I eat it all I think I'll die (or it'll trigger my acid reflux... but that's not as dramatic, is it?). Either way, today I am here with another Sunday Post! Back when I started What Lauren Did Today I did 'My Week' style posts yet only managed to do them every other week because my life isn't interesting enough to do it weekly and it appears that these Sunday Posts are following that pattern too. I'll try and be interesting enough to warrant a Sunday Post a week but I can't promise anything.

As it happens, this week was actually pretty good! I was really tearful and anxious for some reason but I didn't let it stop me living my life (much). I went to my dad's house twice, once on my own and once with my brother and Luke. Monday I went alone, and we took a lovely little walk along the harbour-side together. I don't know what it is about water but I feel like it genuinely calms my soul. I haven't been back to the seaside since I went on holiday last year and it's like the water is calling me, I just need to be by it. But I know that I'm not ready for an hour long car journey and the harbour is literally two minutes away from my dad's so that's where we ended up. The second time I went to dads was on Thursday as my brother had a college interview at the Bristol City stadium. My dad lives near there so we thought we'd all go down for a few hours, take Matt to his interview and then come home. Whilst Matt was getting ready, Luke and I decided to have a browse through the charity shops in Bedminster. I picked up some gorgeous high-waisted Miss Selfridge denim shorts for just £4(!) and also a Quorn recipe book for 50p. Luke didn't find anything he liked but it was pretty successful for me! We also stopped in Parsons Bakery and bought some vegetarian sausage rolls for lunch and they were a m a z i n g. I'm definitely going to go back next week to get another one so I can photograph it and kick off my Quick Eats series here on the blog!
Another pretty exciting (to me) day was Friday, when me, my mum, my sister and Luke took the dogs for a walk in Keynsham Park. We were supposed to go to Portishead but I panicked too much and started crying so we had to shake up our plans a bit. I'm trying not to feel guilty about it but sometimes I just h a t e anxiety. Keynsham Park was actually really lovely, though, and there's a huge river cutting through it so again I was by the water which I adored. After we'd taken a stroll through the park we went to a pub to have some lunch but again I started crying and panicking so instead we went to a bakery. I had a gingerbread man which made me feel very nostalgic as I would always get them from Sainsburys bakery when I was little! We also checked out a few of the charity shops that were open but none of us found anything we liked. After we got home we chilled out for a few hours (and I ate a bag of pretzels) then me, mum and Leigh were off again to Asda to do the weekly shop. I still felt really anxious but I didn't panic at all when we were there which is pretty impressive in my opinion. Remember a few weeks ago when I couldn't even go to the corner shop without panicking? LOOK AT ME NOW, going into supermarkets and such.
Another item of note: Legend of Korra. I am a d d i c t e d to this show. You all know how much I love Avatar: The Last Airbender, well this is like a spin-off and its SO GOOD. As it happens I don't really like Korra who is the main character, but I am in love with Mako and Bolin. I love how it all ties into Avatar, especially because I think Zuko is going to make an appearance within the next few episodes and the thought makes me want to scream. I just love fictional characters okay? (Like, for real, if Zuko was a real person I'd marry him. Is that normal? To love cartoon characters?... Don't answer that.)
Have a good Sunday, guys! x


  1. Sounds like you had a great week! I love going charity shop shopping and finding bargains! It's so much fun xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  2. Sounds like a great week! I love those pet food bowls, where did you get them from?! x x

  3. I know this is easy to say, and not so easy to do but you shouldn't feel guilty about not being able to do something because of anxiety! You've done some amazing things this week, and it sounds like you visited some lovely places whilst out (:


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