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Luna lookin' cute | I finally updated my book reviews tab! | Early evening dog walks through the woods | Mothers Day roses | My latest read | Adorbz signs I saw in a shop in Keynsham.

WHAT A WEEK. If you follow me on Twitter you'll have seen me tweet about 30 minutes ago saying I wanted to do this post but was SO TIRED so would possibly leave it until next week to start this new lil series... but then I realised how insane this week has been and I feel like it's one for the memory books, kids. So I'm gonna blog about it.

One. So, I had a very brief fling with veganism this week. In actually it had been about 10 days but this was the week I was FULLY committed and did a full clear out of my foodie Pinterest boards, bought vegan snacks etc. I wasn't even going to talk about this on my blog because I feel quite embarrassed about the whole thing - I didn't even last two weeks - but, I don't know, maybe it'll make someone else feel better? I've spoken a little about my relationship with food and how I thought it might become dangerous again if I ever attempted veganism and as it turned out that happened. I just got really restrictive and stressed and overwhelmed and I basically spent an entire day crying about it before I finally accepted that the 'overnight' approach wasn't going to work for me. So, I'm not vegan. I'm more vegan than I was (purely because of the discovery of almond milk and chocolate soy milk which are both FABULOUS) but I am not a strict vegan. I would say I hope this doesn't make anyone hate me but I'm trying not to care what people think so ~
Two. Aside from the emotionally draining day of tears mentioned above, my anxiety hasn't killed me off yet. In fact, I went out several times this week!! Each time to places that I didn't think I'd make it to. I went charity shopping with my dad in Keynsham which meant I had to go along a dual-carriage way and I also went to watch Luke play football today. The last time I was able to watch him play was back in November so it was a long time coming! I was very panicky about going because it had been so long but I knew I just had to get the 'first time back' over and done with and it wasn't as bad as I was expecting. I was very anxious and shaky and basically avoided all of his friends for fear one of them would so much as glance at me but y'know. Small victories and all that.
Three. As an incentive to go out and do the things I've done this week I treated myself to All Time Low's album Future Hearts on iTunes and I have literally listened to nothing else. I'm sure everyone has that one singer/band that just speaks to them and the mere sound of the lead singer's voice can put them in a good mood and All Time Low is that for me. My favourite songs so far are Runaway and Missing You, although Something's Gotta Give has been one of my favourite songs since I saw them sing it live last year. I also like Cinderblock Garden, Kicking and Screaming and Bail Me Out. My mum says she can always tell when I'm at my worst mental-health-wise because I completely stop listening to music and downloading this album was like pulling poison from a wound. It just makes me SO HAPPY.
Four. This is something so little and random but it made me incredibly happy: Luke went shopping with his mum earlier and brought me back a bag full of my favourite foods. He got me garlic bread, pizza, Yorkshire puddings, frozen veg, Quorn pieces and sausages and a little tub of extra strong cheesy spread. The most RANDOM collection of things but they're all my favourites and just the fact that he thought of me makes my heart burst.
Five. Luna has been a bloody nightmare recently. She's discovered that she can jump up onto my Ikea bookcase (as seen in this post) and has been particularly enjoying pulling my photos off the wall and pushing things onto the floor when she wants me to wake up at 3am and feed her. To balance this out though she's been really cuddly lately and has made a point of curling up with my on the sofa. I would say it's her guilty conscience speaking but do cats even have guilty consciences? I sincerely doubt it.
Well I just wrote a ton and I feel like I barely scratched the surface of this whirlwind week. I think I'll probably leave it here though because I promised my sister I'd sort out some of my old clothes to donate to her wardrobe and she hasn't shut up about it all day :)


  1. Posts like these make me very sad & frustrated about those people that yell at you if you're not vegan, cause it's "SO EASY". No, it's not that easy, esp. not if you have a history with EDs, anxiety, or other illnesses that might restrict your diet. Doable, yes. Easy, no.
    Kudos to you for trying, and maybe we'll both manage to slowly edge our way towars veganism. :) xx

  2. Transitioning to veganism is a different process for different people. I was vegan for a solid 7 months but then gave up, I was being too restricted with my diet and it just wasn't healthy. I have slowly been cutting out different things from my diet in the hope that slow and steady will be better. Just concentrate on your own journey rather than worrying about what others think. It's so good that you managed to tackle your anxiety and go out a lot more this week too! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  3. Sounds like you had a fab week! Good luck with your veganism! Just take it small steps at a time and I am sure you will get there x

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  4. Congratulations on getting out. That's a really big achievement and I hope you're proud of that! x x

  5. Hey you tried, and that's something! I've been trying to eat more vegan meals, but I'm definitely nowhere near vegan yet. It's difficult to do!
    Sounds like you've had an interesting week though! The little bag of goodies - damn he's a sweetie isn't he?!


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