Where I Buy My Small Bras + A Wishlist

After spending my teenage years emotionally at war with my tiny boobs I've finally come to love and appreciate them and their size. I've spoken before about my previous unhappiness and budding confidence over being flat-chested and had since wanted to write another post sharing where I buy my little bras from and fiiiinally that time has come!

As my boobs are really rather tiny so I can get away with wearing bras with little or no padding/support at all. I recently discovered lace triangle bras and bralettes and since then I've essentially gotten rid of all of my old underwired bras that didn't fit me to make room for some more pretty things. (PS - some charity shops accept bras as donations! They'll either sell them in store or send them abroad to women in third world countries) I usually buy my bralettes from New Look's teen section or Primark's teen section, although I do have one beautiful lace triangle bra from H&M which is pictured above. When buying from the teen section I do make a conscious effort to choose designs and patterns that are lacey or plain, as some obviously have quite young designs and they don't do much for my confidence! I exclusively buy my padded/underwired bras from New Look as they also offer them in small sizes ranging from 30aa - 34b and my size is somewhere in the middle. There are a few smaller bralettes in their women's section but the selection is very limited. That being said, I do have a cute grey marl 'crop top' and this matching bodysuit from there!
Over the next couple of months I'm hoping to bulk out my triangle bra collection with a few of the bras featured below!
1. Black Longline Lace Bralette Set, Primark - £5. This beautiful bralette set comes in sizes S, M & L. The size S is the same as a 6-8, although I'd say it's more of an 8 as I tried it on and it was too big in the cup for me! Definitely very pretty, though, and amazing for the price.
2. Pink Satin Lace Bralet, River Island - £16. Ohhhh, how pretty is this?! I find that satin can either be classy or sleazy - there's no real in between - but I think that this bralette is beautiful. I love the strap detailing!
3. Navy Check Print Bra, New Look - £6.99. The only padded bra on my wishlist! The cups are navy blue and detailed with lace whereas the straps and band are a cool red tartan. I feel like this bra is v Autumnal! (If such a thing were possible)
4. Spot Trim Crop Top, New Look - £4.99. This crop top is a lot less fussy than all of the other items on this list but sometimes I just need that, ya know? The sizing is measured in years as opposed to cup size so bear that in mind. I personally go for 12-13 years.
5. Doreanna Triangle Bra & Knickers, Topshop - £18. I am in looove with this pale pink bralette set! I love the darker pink band and just how dainty and pretty it is. If I could only purchase one bra from this list it's this one!
6. Doreanne Triangle Bra, Topshop - £14. The exact same bra as the previous but this one is in a beautiful mustard shade. You can also get this bra in two different shades of blue, burgundy and black.
7. Nude Floral Embroidered Mesh Bra, River Island - £16. I'm still digging the embroidery trend and it's somehow sneaking it's way into my underwear drawer. I think the detailing on this bra is beautiful!
Where do you buy your little-r bras?


  1. These are all gorgeous! I loved how comfortable triangle bras are, they're so good for wearing under cosy jumpers at this time of year. I may have to buy the satin bralet from River Island, it's too pretty to resist! xx


  2. So much love for this post Lauren, I spent so many years feeling ashamed and embarrassed about being flat chested and buying bras that don't fit. These bras are all so cute, I'm definitely going to try a triangle one in future! :)


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