Lush Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb

Lord of Misrule seems to be a real cult classic during Autumn/Winter and it's one that I've always kinda disliked. I used it once, back in 2013 I think, and always found the scent to be too spicy and smoky for me. I'm not sure if they've changed the formula or if my taste in scent has matured but I really like it now! It's still spicy and woodsy but I find it really warming, almost like mulled wine, but with the added sweetness of vanilla.

Lord of Misrule is quite a slow fizzer, not as slow as Yoga Bomb but not as quick as something like Blackberry. It starts off really frothy and green, as you'd expect from the lime exterior, but as it dissolves it releases it's hidden core of bright beautiful pink. This is the colour that your water eventually turns, too - a really deep, pretty, Autumnal red-pink shade that adds to the whole 'mulled wine' vibe.
There's no glitter or cocoa butter bits in this bath bomb so if you're looking for something exciting but low-fuss then this one is for you! I definitely recommend it for Halloween bathing - this or Monster's Ball! - or if you're after something to warm you up after a cold day out.
You can buy Lord of Misrule online or in-store for £3.95. It's suitable for vegetarians & vegans and will be hanging around until Christmas!
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  1. Lord of Misrule is such a classic but I think my new found favourite is Monster's Ball, lovely review! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. This sounds like my ideal scent, I can't believe I've not tried it yet! Eeeep, the colours are so gorgeous, I need to get my hands on one! I also just discovered Goth Fairy today and I need that too! I think a little Lush haul is coming on haha!

  3. Ah I love Lord of Misrule! I love the shower cream and the bath bomb. I always describe the bath bomb as leaving me feeling like I'm bathing in red wine. Which is no bad thing! x x


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