Barry M Nudes for Pale Skin

I love a good nude (in the make-up sense, you naughty minxes) but I'm very conscious of the fact that a shade that would popularly be considered 'nude' isn't necessarily a nude for every skin colour. As I'm a -10 on the paleness scale I've always found it difficult to find neutral shades that aren't too dark and brown-toned for my skin, but today I'm here with a little collection of Barry M varnishes that do the job!

1. Barry M Gelly Nail Varnish in Coconut. Coconut is definitely the most white-toned shade of the four and it's arguably the palest, too.
2. Barry M Coconut Infusion Nail Varnish in Skinny Dip. Skinny Dip is the only varnish in this post from the Coconut Infusions collection. I'd consider this a 'true nude' compared to the others which have colder or warmer tones. Honestly, I don't find the formula or finish is any different from the Gelly polishes despite the additional £1 on the price tag.
3. Barry M Gelly Nail Varnish in Almond. Almond is a shade I've been wearing to death recently and is the most different out of the bunch. It's a kind of purple-toned mid-brown that I think is v unique.
4. Barry M Gelly Nail Varnish in Butterscotch Sundae. Finally, Butterscotch Sundae. This is more of a yellow-toned nude that I'd liken to vanilla ice cream.
I'm going through a real 'neutral' phase with my make-up at the moment and I've been wearing them all on a cycle, although like I said I've been wearing Almond the most. Admittedly they're all kind of similar shades but when they're all worn together like this you can see the difference, I feel, even if it's only minor! 
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  1. I've tried so many nude varnishes for pale skin and they were always too brown and made my hands look so weird! Thank you for this, will definitely be buying the almond one that colour's so unusual.


  2. I needed this very much :) thanks!

  3. The almond polish is my all time favourite Barry M product, the colour is so beautiful, I also love Lychee which goes quite nice with pale skin :)


  4. I have Lychee and swear by it as one of the best nudes... I also love the look of Coconut! Another great nude that I've found lately is the WAH Nails 'I'm Real'.

    Great post, you've got gorgeous nails
    Alice //

  5. Ahh nude colours look so good on nails. Even though I never paint my nails anymore looking at these really make me want to try out some nice shades similar to them! The almond one is super nice. <3

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

  6. Oh I love the look of these shades, especially the almond one. I'm a pale girl too so I'll have to give these a go. Great post!

    Ella xx


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