September Favourites

I feel like this post is vaguely reminiscent of my September favourites last year as I also featured a Barry M nail varnish, a clothing item and the exact same book. In fact, I just reread that post and realised I was planning on penning the exact same sentences about Clockwork Princess this time around as well. I know I say I'm a creature of habit but it's so funny how I tend to fall back towards the same kinds of things during Autumn each year. BUT enough reminiscing - onto my September favourites for 2016!
My Primark bee print shirt has been getting a lotta love on social media after I featured it in this post and this Instagram photo and I've been wearing it to death recently so it's no surprise it's in my favourites. I personally wear it buttoned right up to the top with a pair of black jeans/leggings and I think I look super swish (whether I actually do is another matter). Another item that I picked up at the same time as the bee shirt is the cacti-and-stripe tote bag. I always forget my tote bags when I go shopping because they're so big and don't fit in my regular bag but this one is the perfect size to be folded and tucked away.
I have three cruelty-free favourites this month: a mascara, a nail varnish and a lipstick. The mascara is one I was a little unsure of when I first tried it but as it's dried out a little I've fallen in love with it. It's the Essense Lash Princess Volume Mascara which I much prefer to the Lash Princess False Lash Effect, which I found smudged really badly under my eyes. The Volume mascara leaves my lashes thick and volumised which is just the way I like them, and costs less than £4! The Barry M Speedy nail varnish in Eat My Dust (v) is one I've had on my wish-list forever until my mum ever-so-kindly bought it for me a few weeks ago and I've literally worn nothing else on my nails since! It's a gorgeous powdery blue-grey shade that I think flatters my pale skin tone really nicely. Of course the GOSH Velvet Touch matte lipstick in Raisin (v) was going to make it into this post, wasn't it? I swear I mention it all the bloody time. It's a gorgeous vampy brown shade that has quickly become my Autumnal go-to shade.
Finally, my little fictional favourites. I reread The Infernal Devices trilogy recently and - like I mentioned last year - I just fall a little more in love with Will Herondale every time I read it. Tessa is by far one of my favourite literary heroines and I adore that it's set in the Victorian era as it's one of my favourite periods in history to learn/read about. I also rewatched Legend of Korra recently (for the billionth time this year) and I always enjoy Book Four: Balance the most out of them all. I find Korra's recovery story both compelling and inspiring and I always look to it whenever I'm having a particularly shaky moment with my own recovery.
Other favourites include Somewhere In Neverland - All Time Low, Ride - Twenty One Pilots, ITV's Victoria, GBBO and Strictly Come Dancing.
Wanna see what else I've been loving this year? Check out my February and March favourites.


  1. Recognize that bee shirt from one of your previous posts, it is so pretty! And I looove the shade of that lipstick though, it's gorgeous. Have a good week, Lauren! Xx

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

  2. That bee shirt though! Gorgeous. x x

  3. Never tried any of the mascaras from Essense before. Will be picking up the Lash Princess Mascara the next time I see it in stores. ♥


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