Happy Harry-ween!

Just a quick little impromptu post to share with you my attempt at carving a pumpkin this year. It didn't really go exactly to plan, and neither did any of my family's, but if you don't fxck up your pumpkin carving is it even Halloween?

I kept it pretty simple this year, like I do most years, and went for a cute Harry Potter design. I carved out his eyes and his little lightening bolt scar and decorated the back and sides with stars to make it more ~magical~.
My step-dad Rob went for the carousel horse design and used a wooden kebab-stick to hold the horse which he carved out of the front of his pumpkin. My little sister attempted a spider but abandoned it in favour of a mermaid on the other side, which I carved for her. My mum's is the owl, and Luke's brother Josh went for the traditional jack-o-lantern design. Finally Luke's pumpkin, which features a Minecraft-like football player in a goal post.  
Edit: literally as I was editing together this post a group of 12 year old boys banged on my front door for sweets. I'm home alone as my mum has gone out to buy sweets to give the trick-or-treaters so naturally I didn't answer the door. They proceeded to smash all of our pumpkins. I'm glad I took photos of them when I did so we can remember them in this way, at least. But seriously tho, I hate bratty tween boys. Ugh.
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  1. They look wonderful, can't believe they smashed them, that's just bloody rude!


  2. This has made my week - THANK-YOU! I did a frozen themed pumpkin family this year :P xx


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