Lush Autumn Leaves Bath Bomb

Another Sunday has past and another Lush bath has been had - this time I used the Autumn Leaves bath bomb!

I must say I think it's the prettiest of the Halloween bath bombs this year and carries the most Autumnal scent. In fact I'd probably consider this an Autumn bath bomb as opposed to a Halloween one which I think is rather special. The scent matches the design and name perfectly: it's almost as if they've bottled air from the midst of a damp wood and have infused it into the bath bomb. It's fresh yet smokey and smells just like fallen leaves.
Considering the bath bomb is so small it took it's pretty little time to dissolve! It was very frothy as opposed to fizzy and slowly released layers of pastel colour. To be honest that's one thing that disappointed me about it - the colours were very pale and very unlike the usual vibrant tones I've come to associate with Lush! Because of this my water was left a weak, cloudy orange that I can't say I loved. I didn't find that the water itself was very silky or glittery and my skin didn't gain any great benefits, either.
Overall, I liked Autumn Leaves. I didn't love it and I probably won't repurchase it but it was nice enough. If you prefer more subdued bath bombs then this one is for you! I just personally like my bath bombs to be exciting and dramatic - like Monster's Ball or Intergalactic - and my needs were not met with this one.
You can buy Autumn Leaves online or in store for £3.75. It's suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
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  1. I literally used this last night, and agree it took a lot longer than i thought ti would to dissolve! I think this must be Lush's only real Autumnal product (without being halloween focused). At first I wasn't a massive fan of the scent, but when it was in the water I really did like it! xx

  2. I found the same with this one, I loved the smell but the colour it left your water was disappointing. I do however like how big it is so you can use it for a few baths if your break it up.


  3. I bought this one the other day. It's sad that it doesn't look like it changed your water into a vibrant colour but I'm still looking forward to using it. Great post!

    Ella xx

  4. I totally agree about the colour being a bit uninspiring. It was quite, unimpressive in that respect. But I did love the smell and can only describe it as smelling like the very essence of Autumn. x x


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