Reviving The Print Wall

Remember my photo wall? I bloody loved it. Although I say photo wall when really it spread itself across one wall and up the side of one old boiler unit (now my wardrobe), I do like to think of it as one cohesive unit. Not only was it v aesthetically pleasing, it was also motivational, inspiring and often served itself well to this blog as a fabulous photo background. I had to dismantle it when I put up my new big bookcase which now stands in front of where the main bulk of photos were, and weirdly I never bothered putting it back up on a different wall in my bedroom. Today I decided to right this terrible wrong by reviving my photo wall and I thought I'd share some general thoughts and inspiration on the kinda vibe I'm going for this time around.

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Firstly, I decided to set myself a budget. I knew right away that I wanted to buy some prints from some indie artists/art students etc to go along with the personal photos I want to get printed, so considering the general price range for these I figured around £20 (excluding postage costs) would be a good limit. Perhaps £25 if I find something that I really love and want to invest in. I'm looking to get a mix of A5, A4 and A6 designs and I generally prefer watercolours so if you know anyone that does prints like that then hit me up!

As you can see from the very first photo in this post, I've already made one new purchase for my new photo wall from the ever fabulous Jemma at Dorkface. Back in the Autumn last year she drew & painted Luke, Luna and I which is the framed photo and when I saw her new watercolour flowers print I snapped one up real quick. I love the colours used and how dainty and delicate the flowers are, stems and all! Plus, because she is the ultimate babe, she ever so kindly gifted me another fab print from her store! I love the Let's Get Lost print as, not gonna lie, the quote and mountain design remind me of The Lonely Mountain from The Hobbit which is one of my favourite films.
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I'm definitely going for a much softer vibe than I had last time. I feel like my decor tastes have developed a lot over the past few months and I now find myself drawn to more muted shades as opposed to the bright pops of colour I loved before. I also want this collection of prints, photos and quotes to be a lot more comforting and holistic. I want to include lots of florals and crystals as well as something moon related. I'm thinking perhaps a print of lunar phases but I'm really struggling to find one that isn't really expensive! I also have so many personal photos floating around online or in my phone's camera roll from last year that I haven't gotten around to printing so that's definitely a priority!


  1. Aww I'm so glad you're getting your photo wall back! I really want to make one of these above my desk when me and my boyfriend (finally) get a flat together sorted. I think I might have to have a print or two of Jemma's on there too!

    Steph -

  2. I'm so glad to see your photo wall appearing back in your bedroom. Yours inspired me to create my own which I am forever adding too and falling in love with :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  3. Your room is so lovely! I used to have a photo wall in the form of a heart collage of Polaroids when I was much, much younger. My boyfriend and I are currently in the process of making a huge frame of our Pokemon cards! xx

  4. I love your room. And the idea of a photo wall! I have a photo wall in my bedroom - it's all polaroid pictures of my cat! Haha xD x x

  5. This post is bloody amazing, right up my alley. I saw Jemma drawing/painting the flowers on her Snapchat and got onto Twitter right away to tell her she was gonna have to put that on her ETSY a-sap! I love the idea of the LUSH print too, I'm guessing that is one of the bags flattened out? or?




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