The Sunday Post 06 (On A Friday)

Hihi! T'is me, penning what should be a Sunday Post on a Thursday and publishing it on a Friday. But what can ya do. I'm in the mood to blog and to have a chat and update you all on what's being going on around these parts as I feel like I haven't done that in a really long time. This is the great thing about running a blog, I suppose - you can type up whatever you want and post it whenever you want and you don't really have to follow any rules other than your own (and even those can be broken).

one. A P R O M I S E. Let's kick off with the most exciting and beautiful thing: my new promise ring. My first one was given to me by Luke on my 19th birthday but recently it gave up on life and broke. We tried to get it fixed but something to do with the metal and the way it had broken meant it wasn't possible so we began the lengthy and seemingly hopeless task of replacing it with a new one. I knew right away that I didn't just want to buy the exact same ring again and that I wanted something a little showier, but we also didn't want it to have the feel of a traditional engagement ring. After a good two months of searching I finally stumbled across this beautiful druzy ring on Etsy. It's exactly what I didn't know I was looking for: the druzy is beautifully clear and sparkly, the unusual rose gold band adds a touch of warmth and colour and the silver setting around the stone looks exactly like my old ring. It's just perfect. I've now become one of those annoying people that needlessly puts their ring in shot in photos. I'm totally okay with it though.

two. A T H A N K Y O U. I'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who commented and tweeted me about my 'A Reminder'  post. It was something that I wrote and published within the space of about twenty minutes and as it was so personal I was a little worried about how people would respond. I'm so very grateful for all of the wonderful and supportive things that people said and it made me really pay attention to the fact that there are some wonderful bloggers out there that I'm so happy to call my friends.
three. B L O G G I N G. I'm really pleased with the content I published during July on What Lauren Did Today. I know I'm still not as active and passionate as I used to be before the depression took over, but I feel like I'm finally getting my mojo back and am publishing posts that I'm really proud of. I've been struggling to figure out how best to take my blog in the direction that I want it to go in but I finally feel like the past month's content has been going the way I want. May was also a good example of this, I feel. I hope you've all been enjoying it too!

four. T H E P H O T O W A L L. I already have a few updates to report on the photo wall front! The day after my post announcing it's revival a delivery came containing three more prints I've since popped up. I bought the three from Dainty Daisy Designs after discovering them on Twitter. I bought one of each colour of the Pastel Jewel Prints and a Good Things Print in pink. I'm absolutely in love with the jewel prints and the fact that they're cheaper if you buy both of them is just an added bonus. There's a distinct lack of personal photos but I'm still trying to decide which photos I want printed and where to order them from - if you have any website suggestions, pls let me know. I also want a few more photo booth strips to pop up but my local Hollywood Bowl has removed their photo booth and I can't find anywhere else that does them!

five. A N X I E T Y. I have been doing pretty well on the anxiety front recently! Things are still difficult but instead of letting the intense anxiety stop me doing things, I'm now just carrying on despite it. Endurance is a skill that I'm beginning to put into practice and although progress is slow, at least it's there. I've taken a few trips to various places this week that I've managed to endure and I've found that if I stay where I am when my anxiety peaks - which is when I'd usually run away - and withstand the heavy and intense waves, afterwards my thoughts get a lot calmer and I'm able to continue what I'm doing. It's so difficult to endure the extreme panic but it's always worth it.

All in all, I've had quite a happy little week so far. My brain isn't too happy about it and is insisting that I'll have to pay for it with unhappiness, but in reality this week has already had some pretty unhappy moments. It's had some scary moments, some sad, some boring. Some hilarious. But what's different is my attitude towards them all and my decision to focus on the good. So shut up, anxiety. You're annoying me.


  1. I love your photo wall! Also the ring is stunning :)

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

  2. What a gorgeous ring! And I love your attitude! Anxiety is so hard to deal with, but I think doing what you are doing; focusing on the good, and enduring the panic when it hits, is the best thing. So glad to hear things are going well for you :) x x

  3. Your new ring looks lovely! What shop did you get it from?

  4. I loved your post you did about ' a reminder' it was really honest and brave of you to post! I've been loving your blog at the moment! Keep up the good work! And keep fighting your so strong xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  5. Very happy to see you feeling better, and what a gorgeous ring! Let's hope the good weeks keep up!

  6. Oh that ring is gorgeous! Looks like it was made for your hand. Is that weird to say? xD haha!


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