The Happy List 12

Pretty things are beginning to grow ~
I don't know why but every time I've tried to write a 'life lately' type post this year, my fingers have seized up and my brain just cannot bring itself to string sentences together. I'm not sure where this sudden paranoia and need for privacy has come from so I'm not quite sure how to deal with it but in the mean time I'm going to put together another Happy List. They feel safe to me right now, I don't have to talk too much if I don't want to and I like to record happy things so here we are!

Vegan treats from the VX cafe. I wasn't able to go out on my birthday and I was really disappointed because I wanted to get myself a baked treat from the VX Café so my Dad surprised me with a little box of goodies when he came to visit me! He chose the Oreo brownie, a chocolate and honeycomb sandwich cookie and the infamous Vego bar. The staff even wrote me a little birthday message on the box which made me v happy!

My brother signed my birthday card from 'the anime god' and it really made me laugh.
More Instax photos. My Instax camera has proved itself invaluable over the past two months! I took photos on Boxing Day, on my brother's 18th birthday, on my birthday (above) and I even took a few photos with our beloved Archie the day that he passed away, which happened to be the day after my birthday. I don't really want to talk about it now because I'll cry and it's currently 9.50pm and I've got SpongeBob on Netflix because I'm feeling a little fragile already.

On a lighter note, you might notice that Luke is wearing his Christmas jumper in the photo of us. I have no idea why. You can also see what my hair currently looks like! These are probably the only photos you'll see until it grows out because I absolutely hate it :) Remember last year when I asked you all to stop me from getting a fringe cut in again? I didn't learn my lesson did I :)

Eating microwave popcorn for lunch. Pretty self-explanatory, no? I popped and ate a whole pack of sweet popcorn that I sprinkled with salt. Yuuuuuuum.

Spending time with my Dad. For the past three weeks I haven't been to my dad's on a Sunday because he didn't have a car but last weekend I was able to go! It was quite difficult actually because I find anything that isn't routine to be difficult these days and having the three week break sparked some anxiety in me. It was fine though! I coped really well and the panic wasn't as strong as it could have been. Well done me!
Successful baking. On Monday I spent my day baking up a storm, which is something I've been doing a lot recently. I baked Luke a giant chocolate chip cookie and decorated it with pink buttercream, chocolate buttons and Mini Eggs for Valentines Day but whilst the cookie itself was cooling I threw together two batches of flapjacks - one dairy-free, one using 'normal' butter - and they were a surprising success! I can put together a recipe post for the vegan offering if you'd like?

Rewatching Sword Art Online. Luke got me the entire first season on DVD for my birthday!
Cuddling my bby. Luna will not put up with me cuddling her unless she's sleepy so when I found her on my bed Thursday afternoon I crawled up next to her and snuggled in. She actually likes it when we're v v close to each other but it's usually on her terms, so this time I was surprised she put up with me!

Watching my mum do DIY. This week my mum has been redecorating our bathroom and she crafted a whole new cabinet out of the wooden slats from my dad's old bed. I am only capable of the most simple of DIYs so watching my mum do things like that is pretty awe-inspiring. My sister is also capable of such things and we always joke that she saved giving the ability to me so she could inject double the amount of it into Leigh.

Sims 4: City Living. I've never had a Sims expansion pack before and when I bought myself City Living for my birthday (thank you 50% off!) I wasn't prepared for how AMAZING it was going to be. Seriously, I love City Living so much. My Sim has lived in three apartments already - we started in the Spice Market and now live in the Arts Quarter - and I am l i v i n g for the furniture included. In fact I may do a whole post reviewing/raving about City Living sometime soon!

What things have made you happy recently?

(P.S I'm sorry that the quality of some of these photos are a bit rubbish - they were all taken on my phone!)


  1. Those flapjacks look delicious! Would love the recipe xx

  2. Oh I bought myself City Living too and I love it! I really like how the apartment living has like noisy neighbours, things breaking and stuff!

  3. City Living is awesome! I really love the apartments, and the new careers; blogging included! Haha. x x

  4. Xena is very like Luna, unless she wants to sleep she doesn't come near me. Theo on the other hand is such a big sop. I'm obsessed with Sims4 as well, did you see they have brough toddlers back? Just dying from them to bring out Pets too!!!



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