DIY Washi Tape Jars

One of my new ~ life goals ~ is to flex my creative muscles doing something other than writing. Things like painting, drawing and any other creative pursuit that requires hand-eye-co-ordination doesn't come easily to me at all but I figured that I shouldn't not do something just because I'm no good at it, should I?! Over the past few months I've been attempting very basic DIYs and today I thought I'd share with you my latest try!

Not only is this DIY incredibly straight-forward and budget-friendly, it's also a great way to recycle and reuse things that would otherwise be thrown away. Allow me to introduce you to my washi tape jars.

I was looking into coin storage when I had the idea for these jars (although I know it's not a v complex or enlightening idea, it's still an idea okay) and they took me like fifteen minutes to make. I'm going to use one for 1ps and 2ps, one for 5ps, 10ps and 20ps and the other for 50ps and £1 coins. I'm hoping that emptying my purse/pockets into the jars will make me save a little more money and it helps that they look so pretty, heh.

You Will Need:
♥ Some jars. I used food jars. I'm fairly sure these contained some kind of pasta sauce.
♥ Washi tape.
♥ A pair of scissors.
♥ Optional: spray paint.
1. Select your jars and give them a good clean. I popped these into my dishwasher but doing them by hand is fine too.

2. Select your washi tape. Start with a straight edge (trim it if you need to) and place it in your desired position on the jar. I chose to do three bands of washi tape and started with the bottom, then did the top one then the middle.

3. Simply wrap your washi tape around the jar, going slowly to make sure you're straight and join it up with the other end. Trim to ensure a seamless fit.

4. Optional: spray paint your jar lids with white spray paint. Leave to dry completely then screw them back onto your jar.

Aaaaand that's it! What Lauren Did Today is not the place for complex DIYs, I'm sure you're aware of that by now. Anything longer than 4-5 steps is too much for me. My attention span just doesn't work well with DIY-ing.
If you're wondering where I got my washi tape from, allow me to indulge in a mini haul. I basically just scrolled eBay a few weeks ago and found these tapes which were on offer for 'buy four get one free' so I got five tapes for £10 including postage, which I think is quite reasonable. Washi tape can be hella expensive! I used this eBay listing (by susiebsupplies) and chose the 'pink watercolour', 'pink floral', 'confetti pink', 'pastel raindrops' and 'leaves'. For this DIY I used the pink watercolour and the confetti pink, as well as another washi tape I had which I bought from Sainsburys aaages ago.

What do you think of this DIY? Let me know if you ever try it out! (Or don't. That's cool too.)

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  1. These are so cool Lauren! I think I might steal your idea for putting sugar, coffee and tea in them when I move out :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  2. Simple but cute! ♥

  3. Was just doing some internet research and spotted your post re the washi tapes! Glad you liked them as came from us. As well as Ebay we actually have our website and wondering if ok to post a link to this post on it as always great to show others how washi tape is being used.
    If ok to use will add to
    If ok please advise.
    Kind Regards


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