21 iPhone Wallpapers to Comfort & Inspire | Self Care Sunday

{ Self-care Sunday, volume four }

In my first Self-Care Sunday post I mentioned that I'd revamped my iPhone using different wallpapers and it's made such a small but positive improvement to my day. Think about how many times you pick up your phone in a day - twenty? Thirty? Probably more. Now imagine each time you click to check the time or to go on Twitter you're met with a positive, affirming quote. You're constantly exposed to it and I find that over time the words begin to stick in my mind, whether I'm aware of it or not!

Today I thought I'd share a bunch of quote wallpapers so you too can add them to your phone as a little act of self-care. Some of them are gentle, self-care reminders and others are affirming, more 'kick up the ass' kinda quotes. Save a few of your favourites to your camera roll and switch up the wallpapers every Sunday!

I feel I've gathered a good variety of quotes and designs here, although they are on the pink side because this is What Lauren Did Today after all. I don't realise when I'm collecting them how obvious my taste is - typography, florals and watercolour, and pink tones - and it's only when I put them all together that I notice. I hope that's okay! I tried to mix up the quotes too, including some that are focused towards mental illness (the final six especially), some that will give you a good kick up the ass if you're trying to Boss life and some that are positive and comforting.

Have you practised any self-care this week? Allow this post to be a gentle but insistent reminder to schedule a little time in for yourself today - you deserve it!


  1. It's okay to not do it all- that's my favourite one I'm going to make it my background! Thank you for these lovely shares, I love inspirational quotes and things I can look at to inspire me throughout the day xx

    My Lovelier Days

  2. Ohhhh I love them! They're soooo cute! I'm going to put in my phone the Get it girl one now!! thanks for sharing:D


  3. Love these! Especially the pink ones. I definitely think they'll help cheer me up whenever I look at my phone, even just to check the time. Loving the positivity in all your posts ☺️

  4. Awesome list of inspirational quotes! <3 I think I am goona take few of them and save on my phone as well. Really love them. And the style too :) I guess we have a similar taste. ;)

  5. I love these! They go along so perfectly with a post that I was working on that I just had to share them on my blog! Thank you sharing!

  6. Amazing collection.

    I don't know how to thank you for it.

    Please add this iPhone X wallpaper to your collection.

    It is very beautiful and created by me.


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