4 YouTube Channels I'm Loving Right Now

It's quite funny how little time I spend watching live TV these days. You'll more often find me watching YouTube videos or scrolling Netflix if I'm in the mood to watch something, and today I thought I'd share with you some YouTube channels that I've been loving lately.

Arden Rose
I discovered Arden Rose after she collaborated with Estee Lalonde on a video last year and I fell in love with her channel real quick. She's open, honest and cool af. One video she'll be talking about and trying on lingerie, the next she'll be discussing sex and body image, the next will be a 'get ready with me' - and they're always really good, long videos too. I feel like our lifestyles are very different and she inspires me to be a little more feminine and a little more sexy. (As if I could be the latter without cringing a thousand times over.)
A video to start with: A Comprehensive Sex Q&A
Kiera Rose
Kiera's channel is another I discovered at the tail-end of last year and I'm still consistently watching every video she posts. She is cruelty-free (I think..?) and vegan and posts a mixture of vlogs, 'what I eat in a day' videos, vegan taste tests and Lush demos. I love how real her channel is and I don't feel, when watching, that her lifestyle is unattainable (something I often feel when watching 'big' Youtubers).
A video to start with: Pea Pesto & PMS | What I Ate
Lucy Moon
Lucy Moon is my most recent discovery although, again, I subscribed to her at the end of last year. It wasn't until I began watching her VEDJ videos that I 'got' her channel and her vibe but I'm soooo into it now. I'd probably put her channel into the 'lifestyle' category and I find her so interesting that I'll watch anything with her in now even if I don't care much for the topic!
A video to start with: Chatty GRWM | Youtube Drama, Celeb Culture & Alcohol

I've been subscribed to Marzia for years but it wasn't until I started reading her blog that I actually paid proper attention to her channel. I don't think I ever really appreciated how unique her content is and I definitely never understood and appreciated her personality, wit and creativity. As a shy creative myself, Marzia has become a v great inspiration to me!
A video to start with: MY EVENING: Dinner, Skincare, Relax.

SO these are four YouTube channels that I love rn! I genuinely watch any video they post and I wanted to recommend them to ya in case you were looking for new channels to watch!


  1. I'm really liking Kiera right now as well, she's very honest and easy to watch xx


  2. I just started watching Arden Rose and I'm really enjoying her videos! She's so open and honest and she's not afraid to tell her opinion! thanks for sharing:D


  3. I've stopped watching vloggers on youtube and I really want to get back into that. I love getting a glimpse of other's lives! Will definitely check these out.

  4. Very lovely channels!
    I've seen a couple of Marzia's videos. :)


  5. Awww all my favourites, I think they're all so unique and great at what they do!



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