My February To Do List

Hello February! Let's do this.

My February To Do List:
1. Visit somewhere new.
2. Watch 4 new films or TV shows.
3. Have my passport photos taken...
4. ...and send off the paperwork for my provisional license.
5. Try another vegan bake.
6. Share a 'photo an hour' or an adventure day post on the blog.
7. Begin refurbishing my new jewellery box.
8. Wear my embroidered dress. Stop being so afraid of it!
9.  Find a nice cycling helmet that fits my tiny head.
10. Get some colour put into my hair. Y O L O.
11. Log some more hours on Pokémon Moon.
12. Get some mirrors for my bedroom. Hello, Ikea.

I haven't made any plans at all for February, other than celebrating my birthday which is on Friday (the 3rd). January wasn't the best for me - it wasn't the worst either, so there's that to remember too - and I am more than happy to be one step closer to Spring. My mood always begins to lift by the time March rolls around, although I'm still savouring the winter sunsets. They're just so pretty!

This month I want to get back on track. I've gotten lazy with my skincare routine and I've also lost sight of my 2017 goals - already! - so I've made a little thing on Microsoft Word that I'm going to print out and frame in my bedroom. My Big and Important appointment took place on Tuesday so now that's out of the way I feel I can focus more on doing nice things rather than focusing on squashing the feeling of impending doom. I'd like to spend a little more time on my blog this month too, because I definitely neglected it following Blogmas. My head just got a little fuzzy (thanks, depression) and I lost sight of it for a while. I even have a shiny new header (courtesy of the magical Kayley Mills) which has made me feel all jittery and excited about my blog for the first time in ages!


  1. Love the new header! And happy birthday for Friday! Hope it's great. And I hope that February is a really nice month for you :) x x

  2. I love this idea of a monthly to-do list, I'm pretty rubbish at sticking to year goals, I normally find myself giving up on them within two weeks haha! x

  3. I love your new header! I haven't even started my 2017 resolutions so don't feel bad. hehe! ♥


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