Bedroom Details

One of my favourite things in my bedroom is my Ikea Alex Bookcase. I'll probably do a post on the whole case itself when I'm 100% happy with the way it's being used, but until then I thought I'd share what I keep on top of it!  

Starting from the front - I have a simple mirrored place mat, which I put a Strawberry & Melon scented candle on. I haven't actually lit this candle yet because I like how it looks, but it smells so good. Thrown on top of the candle is a floral hair accessory that I featured in my haul a few days ago and also placed on the mat is my fake lip ring from Claire's Accessories and a Harry Potter inspired ring that my mum made me! Behind that, I have one of the Sherlock Holmes books that I picked up in a charity shop for just £1.99! Its cover is just so pretty that I had to display it. Finally, we have my 24-slot Acrylic Lipstick Storage that I picked up from TK Maxx for around £5/£6. I might do a lipstick collection if anyone's interested, as these are literally the only ones I own! Naturally, this surface isn't always so clean and clutter-free - I normally throw my keys & a bunch of other junk onto it when I get home but I make an effort to keep it tidy!


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