Mini Haul | Primark, Poundland & Charity Shops


Today I thought I'd share with you some of the things I've picked up recently. They were all bought on separate occasions but I thought I may as well throw them all together in one mini haul! First, I visited Primark. I did actually pick up a few clothing items which I am very happy with (I shared a pic of one on my Instagram), but I also picked up this gorgeous skull & floral design notebook and pretty little hair accessory. I don't really know what to call it - it's kind of a decorative hairband that you put around your hair when it's in a bun. If that makes any sense. It was only £2 and I thought it would be a quick and easy way to jazz up my hair for summer. Paired with shorts, a basic tee and some sunnies you're good to go! The notebook was a bit of an impulse buy - just look how pretty it is. I really didn't need another notebook, but what's a girl to do? It was £1.50 so I couldn't walk away without it. Really.
Next, on a little trip to Keynsham with my mum and sister, I picked up this cute ceramic jewellery holder in a charity shop. It was just £1.50! Bargain. The tree-like part in the middle is perfect for hanging rings, whilst the surrounding plate is now home to stud earrings. Finally, I snagged a Maybelline Baby Lips in my local Poundland! I was so happy, as it has SPF 20 which is a must for this weather. I wouldn't usually think to protect my lips from the sun, but as the skin is so fragile I'm definitely going to make an effort this year.


  1. I didn't know Primark did stationary! I love getting new notebooks, Ikea does cute ones too.

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

    1. I know I was so surprised! In my Primark, they have a little section near the top floor tills that holds the notebooks & pens x

  2. The jewellery holder is super cute.
    Water Painted Dreams xo


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