The Post-Education Panic

Yesterday marked my last official day in education. For those of you who didn't know, I studied Beauty Therapy for two years starting September 2012, using up my last two free education years. I didn't have much of an interest in the beauty side of things - I chose the course as I'd be put into situations dealing with the general public and I thought it would help me battle my anxiety issues. Two years later, I've finally finally finished the course and I was overwhelmed by the sheer fact that I'd completed it whilst dealing with those issues that still cling to me today.
So yes, at first, I was ecstatic. But as the night crept on, the question of 'what am I going to do with my life?' well and truly began to circulate. And I have to admit, it's giving me some problems.
All around me, people my age are getting jobs and cars and going on group holidays with their friends. My anxiety doesn't allow me to get into a car without some panic and I wouldn't even dream of going abroad with just a few girlfriends, so it's making me feel really unsettled that everyone else seems to be carrying on with all the things I'm told I should be doing. But I know what my limits are and I know what I can handle, so why should I, when I'm already trying my best, push myself too hard for things I don't even want?
I saw this quote on Pinterest that made me think of things a different way:
And it made me realise that I shouldn't really care what other people think and expect me to do. It's my life. And no, I have no idea what I'm going to do with it yet. And I don't know where I want to work and I don't know where I want to be. But I'm only 19 years old and I only have one official day of non-education life behind me. And I'm thinking (and hoping) that I'll have some time to figure things out before I'm pushed into adulthood. There are things I need to work out - my anxiety being one of them - but I'm taking one step at a time and as one of my favourite quotes from JRR Tolkien says "Little by little, one travels far." Trying to figure everything out at once is confusing and overwhelming, so I think it's best to just work out the things that can be sorted and then go from there. And in the meantime, troll Pinterest for inspirational quotes.
What are your guys' thoughts on this topic? Do you ever feel pressured to do things other people are doing? I'd love to hear your views!


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