The Sunday Post 05

{ VegFest Bristol, my new phone and kicking anxiety's butt. }
Upon reflection, this week has actually been pretty goooood. I had a couple of really sad days mid-week, I've been stressed out over a few things and I've been exhaustingly anxious on several occasions but I managed to do so many fun things and I'm feeling really really proud of myself.
one. I went into town twice this week, once with my dad and once with my step-dad and Luke. I went with my dad on Monday intending to buy my new phone but they didn't have it in stock so I returned with Rob and Luke on Wednesday when it was in stock. After months and months of hardcore saving I'm SO happy to now own an iPhone SE in Rose Gold! I've never had a brand new iPhone before and I love it. My iPhone 4 was absolutely exhausted and it made me nervous to go out with it as it died randomly even when on like 60% battery so now I have this new phone that doesn't have any technical issues I feel a lot more confident about going out alone.
two. Another anxiety-busting day for me was on Friday, when my step-dad and I took my dogs out for a walk somewhere I'd never been before. Rob is the kinda guy that makes up plans in his head but is really vague about them to the rest of us, so when he said we were going past our stable yard 'into the valley' I had no idea what he was talking about. We ended up going through this cute little cottage-y town, across a cows field and into a beautiful wood. This made me super anxious because 1. I had no idea where we were and 2. we were walking really far away from the car so it meant I was leaving my 'safe base'. As it turned out I was okay-ish on the walk - the wood was stunning and I focussed a lot on my surroundings rather than the crap my anxiety was telling me. After the long walk we went back to our stables and hung out for a bit, but then I began to get a bit restless and yearned for the safety and comfort of my house so accepted a lift home from my friend!! I still have some huge anxieties about going in people's cars but I survived the entire journey (which lasts about 25 minutes) without getting too overwhelmed!
three. I went to VegFest Bristol with Luke yesterday! I was desperate to go last year but my anxiety just wouldn't let me so I was even more determined to go this year. My dad dropped us into town at midday and we walked over to the festival which was along the harbour side, near @Bristol. It was so insanely busy and people were shovy and it was so hot inside the tents but I survived without having a panic attack. I was anxious and tearful and desperate to go home but Luke, bless him, was my little anchor and helped me to endure it all. We started off by having a little wander outside of the tents which was fun as it was definitely less busy, then we built up to walking around inside the tents. They had several entrances and exits so we would make it around to each one, leave to re-gather our thoughts and so I could catch my breath then head back in. Now that I'm not there I can say it was a lot of fun and there was just something about being around so many like-minded people that made me really happy. My favourite purchase of the day was the little ' Don't Test On Me ' pocket mirror from Teen Vegan. Luke's favourite purchase was a 'Supporting Animal Rights' wristband that was also from Teen Vegan!
four. Finally, my purchases this week. Firstly I treated Luke to this adorable Jon Snow Pop Vinyl that I convinced him to display in my bedroom with Katniss, heh heh. I bought him from the ever-lovely Em which meant he was a little bit cheaper than if I bought him from Forbidden Planet or somewhere, plus you know I'm all about that second-hand life! Next up, the little pocket mirror I mentioned above and my new favourite lipstick: the Gosh Matte Velvet Touch lipstick in Antique which is a gorgeous nude-pink-brown kinda shade. I feel like it deserves a post all to itself as I love it so much so maybe that'll be part of next week's blog content. Who knowssss. Finally I went full-on nerd and bought a little box to organise and separate my hama beads. My sister bought me a huge jumbled tub from a car boot sale last week, bless her, and I spent a couple of hours this week going through the tub and separating each of the colours into different sections. Probably makes me a right saddo but it's very aesthetically pleasing and SO much easier when I'm creating designs.

How have you been this week? Let me know one happy thing that happened in the comments (:


  1. Your week sounds idyllic and go you for not letting you anxiety stop you from doing the things you want to do! Sorting out the Hama beads sounds like something I would do. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  2. I LOVE hama beads - I really want to get my hands on some now! As sad as it seems, I think I would find separating all the beads really quite enjoyable! I'm so glad you managed to overcome your anxiety to head to Vegfest, it looks like a lot of fun.

    Steph -

  3. It looks like such a lovely week. Well done on fighting your anxiety! I really wish I could have gone to Bristol Veg Fest, it looked like so much fun on all the instagram and twitter posts people put up about it.

    Also, I'd have done the same with the hama beads ;) x

    Catherine | Caffrin.C

  4. VegFest sounds uh-mazing! Glad that Jon arrived in one piece ^.^ xx

    Emily / www.positivelystupendous

  5. Sounds like a really great, positive week with some really good steps forward. Well done, I hope you are proud of yourself. You should be! :) One good thing that happened to me this week, so far, would mum buying me a pair of Converse trainers :) x x

  6. We are so alike it actually scares me sometimes lol. The Veg fest looks absolutely amazing, I only wish they would bring it over to Belfast... or maybe it's a good excuse to head over to England for a weekend. I just picked up my boyfriend a Jon Snow figurine last week as well as a little suprise for being an absolute babe through my stressy pissy exam period. & I absolutely adore getting lost in a forest with my dogs and exploring. It sounds like a great week you had :D

    Lots of love,


  7. Sounds like a really great week. VegFest sounds awesome, I'm pretty sure something similar is happening up near me soon but it's on a day when I work :( And the place you went for the walk looks gorgeous!


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