The Sunday Post 04

Hihi! Happy Sunday! Welcome to another Sunday Post ~

one. Not a lot has happened this week, I didn't have any plans at all so it's been very chilled. To be honest I was really lonely this week and I definitely resented being at home all day. In a way I'm not too upset about these feelings - it means I've finally reached the point in my recovery where I'm upset about being left home instead of being anxious about going out so YAY but it has meant that I've been moping around a lot because I'm still too anxious to go out alone. You win some, you lose some amirite? I have been taking quick little solo walks whenever I'm feeling too overwhelmed, though, which is helping a lot and each time I'm able to go a little further. I braved taking both dogs out together for the first time by myself on Friday too, which was a success! But it was such a lovely day that I went back home, gave the dogs some water and headed back out with Luke so he could enjoy the sun too.
{ leggings & shoes - Primark }
two. The main reason for my lack of plans was my Dad's health. I've touched on this before but he had cancer a little while ago which meant he needed radiotherapy on his throat, which effectively kicked the cancer's ass but also left him living with a bunch of nasty side effects. He finds it hard to breathe still, his throat gets clogged with nasties easily and his voice is still very hoarse but every now and then his symptoms suddenly amplify all at once and he gets very ill very quickly. I'm incredibly grateful that we avoided a hospital trip this time but I feel so vulnerable, anxious and stressed whenever he's ill. He's beginning to feel better now though so hopefully I can see him soon.
three. On a more positive note, I DID go to the cinema again this week!! It was Luke's birthday on Monday (he turned the grand old age of 24) so we went to watch the new Captain America film. I felt significantly more anxious this time around due to a bunch of different reasons and I almost turned around and walked back home several times but I stuck it out, partly for myself but partly for Luke, too. I didn't want to ruin his birthday plans, ya know? He told me repeatedly he didn't care if we left but I would have hated myself if I let my anxiety take our plans away. So, of course, I stuck it out and actually really enjoyed the film. I feel it was a lot more complex and emotional than any of the previous Marvel films and I LOVED the new Spiderman. What a lil cutie.
{ How To Roll On The Ground: A step-by-step guide by Luna }
four. If you follow me on Snapchat or Twitter you'll have heard the emotionally enthralling tale about my chicken Penguin going missing and then returning and then going missing again. I actually saved my Snapchat story to my phone because I just found it all so hilarious - first I was explaining that she'd returned and disappeared again, then I had a few clips of me and my brother looking for her, then fast-forward to the next day when I'm all upset cause I think she's gone forever and then five seconds later she appears in the back garden. Turned out she was mega broody and had been laying eggs down the side of our shed and was sitting on them to try and turn them into babies. Bless her.
five. Blog-wise I've been feeling pretty goooood. I published two posts this week - one all about my recent hair make-over & another reviewing the Lush T'eo deodorant - and I have a few posts fully written in my drafts that are just waiting on some snazzy photos. I have a few ideas for posts for next week, too, but I'm not putting any pressure on myself to have them ready to go by a certain date or anything since I'm supposed to be on a ~break~. I'm just having fun blogging again to be honest which is exactly what I wanted.
BUT ENOUGH ABOUT ME - how are you? What are your plans for this glorious Sunday? Any exciting things happening next week? Let me know! ~


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your dad :( can totally understand about being anxious when that happens. Lunas step by step guide to rolling on the ground is so cute!! x x

  2. Well done for managing another cinema trip, Captain America was so good! I am so glad that your found Penguin after all and your hair looks gorgeous too. I really hope that your dad is better soon :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  3. Aww sorry to hear about your dad lovely, must be really hard. Also two other things 1) why am I not following you on snapchat?? I'm vickynigh btw! and 2) love your new hair, sooo cute :) x

    1. Thank you so much! I added you on SC! (: xx

  4. Oh I'm glad you discovered where Penguin was disappearing to! (I feel like I should add that it makes me giggle every time I think of a chicken called Penguin haha!)


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