Little Comforts

Little things that comfort me when I'm feeling sad, tired and anxious.

Holding Luke's hand. Lying on my side in bed with Luna curled up RIGHT next to me. My little sister bringing me a glass of just-the-right-temperature water. Watching Sky Sports News with my dad. Wearing my onesie with the hood up, bear ears and all. Sitting with Luke on our bench in the woods. The sound of my cat Bailey meowing. Warm toast slathered in vegan butter and strawberry jam. Watching Luna play in the garden from my bedroom window. The sound of Luna purring. Reading my favourite blog, Daisybutter. Cosy yet vaguely stylish clothes that blanket me and protect me from the world. Lazy evenings on Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Quorn chicken nuggets and ketchup. The sound of my sister laughing. Surreal pink sunsets. Watching endless episodes of Hawaii Five 0 with my mum. Lush The Comforter bubble baths. Sitting RIGHT next to Luke on the sofa. My sister brushing my hair. Rereading an old favourite.


  1. Oh how I loved Quorn Chicken Nuggets until I found out I was Coeliac as well :'( Lush Comforter though is the bomb dot com! <3 I love these style of posts!

  2. Loved this Lauren. It's always the littlest things, right? And thank you for my mention - too too lovely xx

  3. Lovely list. It definitely is the little things that bring us comfort I think :) x x

  4. This is so sweet. Thanks for making my day a little bit happier.

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