Lush Star Dust Bath Bomb

Fiiinally I've gotten around to talking about some of the Lush Winter 2015 range! I did review the Sparkly Pumpkin bubble bar a couple of weeks ago, but as it was part of the Halloween collection I don't really feel like it counts. I just felt like talking about the two bath bombs I'd bought in October was a bit too early. So here we are in late November!

Stardust is a new addition to the Winter range this year, and how cute is it?! It's a little 3D star. Other than it's sweet shape, the exterior of the bath bomb is pretty plain - no sparkle, no glitter. Just its simple white colouring and its delicious vanilla scent. To be honest, I didn't think that the exterior was going to match the inside of the bath bomb - Lush is well known for it's deceiving designs - but I'm super disappointed to say that it actually does. I'd heard somewhere on Twitter or Instagram that the core of this bath bomb was a vibrant blue, and whilst it does emit a blue-ish colouring it's really pale and cloudy. Of course the water was laced with pretty shimmer, as I've come to expect from the Christmas offerings, but because of the pale water it didn't really show. Something I did like was the burst of mini stars that came out into the water, which dissolved over the course of my bath.
 I also expected this bath bomb to be really moisturising (maybe because of it's similarities to Butterball in design) but it wasn't at all. Just like with the Sparkly Pumpkin, I'd use a nourishing body wash if you want soft skin. The gorgeous vanilla scent wasn't really present during my bath either.
Overall, this bath bomb was a total fail for me. The colouring and the scent were both really weak, and it didn't appear to have any moisturising properties at all. I'm so disappointed as I was really excited about using this bath bomb and I definitely won't be repurchasing it. I'd probably recommend this for someone who wants to have a Lush bath but isn't interested in a colour show - but even then I'd tell them to get a Butterball instead.
Star Dust is avaliable for £2.95 both online and instore. It's also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


  1. Definitely looks better in your photos than mine! My bath bomb had like five stars... Do agree this one is disappointing, especially when compared to the rest of the Christmas range! x

  2. I love the shape and the fact that it contains those little stars but it's not a bath bomb I'd personally chose as I'm drawn to the brightest and most colourful things in store. It's such a shame that there isn't more blue pigment inside, it would be a lot prettier if it was blue. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming


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