Saying Goodbye.

Yesterday, after a week of non-stop searching for her, I was informed that my cat had been run over and sadly passed away. Needless to say, I am completely devastated. Poppy had been my pet for nearly 6 years - we adopted her sister, Frankie, with every intention of just bringing home one kitten. But we fell in love with Poppy and brought her home, too. She was the first pet that had ever been mine. And it's not like we had a mother-daughter relationship like I know some people have with their pets, we just both adored each other. After a bad experience with a cat as a child, I've always been wary of them. And Frankie and Bailey (my other cats) and myself have always kept a mutual but respectful distance from each other for this reason. But it was so bizarre, because Poppy was always so careful around me. I'd never been scratched by her, ever, not even when she was a kitten. When she snuggled up with me at bedtime, she understood that if my eyes closed that I wouldn't smooth her anymore and she would just settle down and sleep. If I was crying, she would come up to me, snuggle up tight and rub her cheeks on my face. I miss her desperately. Sitting down in the living room last night, I looked around the room and saw that Frankie was sat with my mum and my puppy Thor was curled up with my boyfriend, but where Poppy should have been with me she wasn't. She was absolutely beautiful and had the most gorgeous temperament. She's completely irreplaceable.
I'm sorry if this post was a bit depressing for you guys, but it was such a shock for me and because she was taken away by the PDSA before I could see her, this is kind of the only way I can say goodbye. After reading this, I hope you run to your pets and cuddle them, because that is definitely what I would be doing with her if I could see her one last time.


  1. So sorry to hear this! Losing a pet is definitely something that hits you hard.

    1. Thank you! And yeah, I was completely gutted. She was so lovely, don't think I'll find another one like her again! x

  2. Oh goodness, my condolences. Just as bad as loosing a person as pets are most certainly part of the family.
    She sounds like she was a sweetie.

    Best wishes, Danielle x


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