Blogs I Love #1

 Today I thought I'd show some blog love by sharing with you some of the blogs that I am obsessed with. Some of these blogs I have been reading for years and some are ones that I've discovered recently. You know those blogs that you read every post from, despite the topic? These are the blogs that do that for me.
This blog. Daisybutter was actually the first blog that I ever read & I haven't looked back since. Written by self-confessed fashion and food enthusiast Michelle, Daisybutter is a blog after my own heart. Featuring outfit posts and wishlists, lifestyle natters and 3DS gaming reviews, it's one of my biggest inspirations. And Michelle's writing style is so (I want to say professional..?) yet easy to read that I feel as if she's sitting across the table from me, chatting away with a coffee cup in hand.
Vivatramp is one of the first creative blogs that I came across and literally spent that day reading every post that writer Bee had written. Packed with personality and humour, Bee is probably at the top of my Bloggers-I-Want-To-Meet list. Monthly goals, hilariously truthful lists about life and artistically inspiring posts are just a sample of those available on Vivatramp.
Bea was one of the first people I really spoke to when I first started blogging, as she'd started her blog around about the time I started mine. She was (and very much still is) a peer inspiration to me, as her posts are imaginative and ooze personality. She recently took a break from blogging but I'm so glad she's returned. Expect outfits, beauty reviews and a few recipes, too!
Penned by Hayley, Water Painted Dreams is a lifestyle blog packed with book reviews, outfit-of-the-days and recipes. Hayley is brutally honest when reviewing products, meaning I always look to her advice when pondering about this book or that Lush product. Her post ideas are always so creative and her bookshelf is something to be desired!
Go run to your Bloglovin' accounts & follow them!


  1. Ah Lauren! This is SO so lovely to read - you've literally made my week! Thank you for including me in this, I'll certainly going to have a scout of Bea and Hayley's blogs, and of course Vivatramp is one of my long-time faves. xx


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