July Goals

So far, July has been pretty awesome for me. That is mostly due to the short holiday I took with my boyfriend (I posted a photo diary yesterday!) but now it's back to reality and schedules and to-do lists. But before we get into my July Goals, let's check out how I got on with my June Goals.
1. Experiment with my style more. Tick. After a quick trip into town to buy some new clothes, I feel like I've definitely stepped out of my comfort zone with my style.
2. Finish 4 books. I only managed 3/4! I read Insurgent by Veronica Roth, The Maze Runner by James Dashner and Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson. I posted reviews for the last two at the end of last month, so check them out!
3. Make a start on my Creativity Challenge. Tick, I went on a brief writing binge last month and wrote about 16,000 words within a few hours over about 3 days. Not amazing, but alongside my other priorities I'm happy with the progress I made. Hopefully I'll get back into it this month!
4. Find my dad a really nice birthday present. Tick. I introduced him into the magical world of Yankee Candles and bought him an oil burner, complete with four Yankee Candle tarts and a bag of tea lights. He was very happy!
5. Do something nice for my mum. Tick. I had previously mentioned buying her something, but instead I tidied the house top-to-bottom whilst she was at work. She really appreciated it!
This month's goals.
1. Read 4 books. Since I only managed 3 last month, I think I'd better stick with the low numbers so I don't spook myself. Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix is top of the list!
2. Send off the book I've chosen for the Summer Book Swap. I took part in a Summer Book Swap and I have found what I hope is a great book for the person I've been paired with. Sending it off first thing Monday morning!
3. Write. I've got a few good ideas bouncing around in my head, now I just have to get them down into something coherent.
4. Go Veggie. I was a vegetarian briefly last year (I lasted about three months) before I became ill and had to re-introduce meat into my diet. This time I want to do my research properly and try new foods so I can hopefully stick to it.
5. Start using a blog planner. I adore organising things, but when it comes to planning I usually jot things down but never get around to them. This month I want to get into blog planning. Hopefully I'll be able to start posting daily soon!
Other than these goals, I naturally have a few other bits and pieces to do (such as unpack my suitcase, which I still haven't done) but hopefully with these tasks written and published for all to see, I should have the motivation to get them done!

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