Bristol Harbour Festival Photo Diary

 Yesterday was the final day of the Bristol Harbour Festival and my boyfriend and I took a quick trip down on the way through to my dad's house. It was such a warm day, but down by the waterfront it was quite windy so I'm glad I had my denim shirt with me. There were so many people, much more than I was expecting, so we made a quick circuit around the whole festival before making a speedy exit. We literally couldn't see anything besides the person walking in front of us! Hectic. I wasn't able to take many snaps for this reason as well, I literally couldn't get near to most of the stalls because it was so crowded. Flower crowns were definitely the accessory of the day - everywhere we turned there was someone selling them. But I have the tiniest head ever and I couldn't find one that was small enough, so I had to give the trend a miss. My favourite stalls were the foodie stalls - the ones with specialist cheese and bread and sauces. My boyfriend picked up a bottle of the hottest chilli sauce ever - the cashier said that he'd made someone pass out because of it - so I'm definitely not letting him anywhere near my food for the next few weeks!

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