The Best Places To Buy Second-Hand Clothes

One of my 2016 goals is to purchase clothes on a 80-20 ratio: 20% new, 80% second-hand. I'm getting on really well so far - the only clothes I've bought new were featured in my recent Primark Haul and I have several fab new (to me) pieces in my wardrobe thanks to a few places that I'm going to list for you today!

eBay. Believe it or not, I only recently got into buying things on eBay. My parents have always done it but something had always put my off creating my own account. To be honest I think it was the idea of postage costs and the unreliability of some sellers but issues aside I have bought a few things from there recently. Some sellers are totally shady and sell Primark pieces for 5x what they are in store, but you can get a heavily reduced price tag on items from places like Topshop, Miss Selfridge and Urban Outfitters. I generally just type my size into the search bar, or sometimes a brand and then my size, for example "Topshop size 6" or for shoes "New Look size 3".
Depop. Depop is a fairly new selling platform that comes in the form of an App. I personally have only bought one thing from someone on Depop (an ASOS denim skirt for £10) but I easily could have bought a lot more! I do find the prices on Depop tend to be a lot higher but I also think that the clothing available is a lot more 'current'. Just like eBay, I usually search just my size or my size and a specific brand in order to find items.
Facebook. By Facebook, I mean those 'For Sale In Your Area' groups. I have to admit it's verrrrry hit-and-miss when it comes to clothing, but the prices are usually v budget-friendly. Often you'll find that people will be doing a 'job lot' bag stuffed with clothing of one size for as little as £5! Of course there's no search bar so you have to scroll through all of the advertisements but you never know - you might find something else you've been looking for! The general rule is that you have to go and collect the stuff from the seller but if you're in a group specifically for your area/town then it shouldn't be too much of a problem. I find that clothing in sizes such as 6 or 8 aren't up for sale too often, but this might just be the groups that I'm a part of.
Charity shops. My favourite option of the bunch! I've made no secret of my love for charity shopping and visit my favourites a couple of times each month. I do frequent regular charity shops, but we also have a few 'discount' charity shops in Bristol that only sell items from 50p - £5. I also find that charity shops are usually in clusters on smaller high streets so you can totally make an afternoon of it and pop into a bakery for a sandwich and a hot drink on the way home. Another plus is that they generally have changing rooms meaning you can try things on before you buy. Want some thrifty charity shopping tips & tricks? Check out my:

Car boot sales. My second favourite option! Unfortunately car boot sales only usually happen during the Summer, although a few start up in late Spring. Car boot sales are crazy cheap - almost everything I've ever bought was around 50p, although I have picked up a few things for 10p before! I have a ton of tips for a successful car-booting trip so I'll write a post up soon if you'd like that!

Aside from these five ideas, you could also check out vintage kilo sales and clothes swap events - they usually happen in the Summer, although you could always hold a clothes swap between you and a bunch of your family/friends! 


  1. I love your 80:20 method! I've buy majority of my clothes second hand so feel super guilty when I pay full price but I'm going to adopt your method now :-)

    Emily -

    1. Thank you! It's made such a difference to my attitude towards buying clothes! x

  2. I really need to start doing this. I used to buy loads of clothes from ebay when I was in college. And I've been wanting to get to a car boot for ages, but always seem to be working or have something to do!

  3. I have a bit of a Depop related problem... oops! I only downloaded it last week and within two days I had spent about £25 haha! but I got so much for it so it was definitely worth it!

    I love your idea of the 80/20 with buying clothes! I'm such a tightass and hate shopping (worst girl ever, right?) so anything thats cheap is a winner with me! :) xx


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