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I've taken a lot of photos on my phone recently whenever I've been out (which I've been doing a lot recently, YAY) but I don't have enough photos from each trip to warrant a photo diary. So purely for my own future benefit, I thought I'd throw them all together into post with no real rhyme or reason. Most of them are from the trip I took to Portishead with my mum, Luke, Leigh and Luke's brother Josh but there's also one or two from when I went to town with my dad recently.

All of these photos were taken in Portishead. We started off the day at the pool, where I debuted this swimsuit. I didn't last too long in the pool because I was REALLY anxious but my little sister was able to show me everything she'd learned recently at her school swimming lessons! After about half an hour I got out, though, and went to sit and chat with my mum whilst we waited for the rest of the gang to get out. Also while we were waiting I decided to take a quick walk to the docks to get a few snaps of the boats. I don't know what it is about being around large bodies of water (like the docks in town, the sea etc) but I find it so calming. Straight from the pool we went down to the sea front to eat chips, play in the park and wander the beach. The park was almost empty (probs because it was freezin' cold) so I was able to go on the swings without offending any little kiddies. Afterwards Luke and I walked slowly around the lake together, completely ditching my mum, Leigh and Josh who were feeding the ducks. They didn't mind though, PROMISE. On our way round Luke also became besties with a swan, who I genuinely thought was going to break Luke's arm or something but it wasn't phased by us at all. Then we walked along the beach - we were supposed to go together but Luke and Josh ended up going on some wild expedition across the rocks and my mum and Leigh were looking for shells and 'sea glass' so I just kind of wandered around on my lonesome. Finally we made it to the lighthouse and admired the view from the hilltop. It was pretty surreal to think that I was literally at the edge of England. I could see Wales so easily! It was so lovely to explore Portishead as it was a regular destination for my family and I when I was really little. (Even though it was bloody freezing.)
Finally here are four random photos that I've just realised are essentially two pairs of incredibly similar pictures... the first two I took whilst I was in town with my dad last Thursday. I picked up some FAB long sleeved tops from H&M and Primark and I also bought myself a new crystal and one for Luke for his birthday from my favourite crystal shop in The Galleries. I also fiiiinally got my Dad a Shakeaway - he went for Fruit Salads and I tried the peanut butter Kit Kat Chunky. I usually get the Dave or Reeses Peanut Butter Cups so it was nice to try something new. The next photo is of me and my new crystal in the woods - it's Pink Calcite which is supposed to help you connect with nature so I thought I'd take ten minutes out to sit quietly in the woods with it the other day. Finally, another new drink in my life - the banana and strawberry smoothie from Tesco. I rarely drink smoothies just because the consistency kind of freaks me out a bit and I don't like the thought of drinking food but I really liked the taste of this one! I took it to the stables with me after we watched Luke's football match one Sunday.
SO there we go. Just a few random photos that might not have made it to Instagram but that I liked too much to ignore (:


  1. Great photos! Portishead is lovely - I used to work there. Haha. x x

  2. looks like you had a lot of fun! I wish I could get out more at the moment instead of just staring at books and my laptop screen all the time xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  3. Lovely photos, this is a really lovely post. Pink calcite is also know as Mangano Calcite, thought you might find that interesting. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  4. Portishead looks so nice. What a lovely post idea!


  5. omg I used to love Shakeaway! I need to go back at some point! Great photos! :)

    Love Emma


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