Current Skincare Routine (Cruelty-Free)

Considering I'm professionally trained in skincare, you'd think I'd invest a little more time and effort into my skincare routine. I should do the routine I was taught, with all of the right products and skin cleansing massage techniques. But alas, I'm v lazy and you'll more often than not catch me wiping away my make-up with a face wipe. I'm trying my best to change this, though, because my skin isn't enjoying it and to be honest I don't think 'I'm lazy' is a very good excuse to neglect my skin. So today I thought I'd show you the products I'm currently using in order to banish the face wipes, the laziness and the not-so-nice dry flakiness from my skin.

My Skin Type
It wouldn't make a lot of sense to chat to ya about my skincare without giving you a quick rundown on my skin type. I have very sensitive, dry flaky skin. I have a lot of redness on my cheeks and tend to get an oily T-zone at that time of the month. My main issue concerning my skin, though, is the crazy dryness. It's really flaky on my forehead, my nose, my cheeks and my under-eyes and unless I do this full skincare routine it's so bad that it makes it impossible to wear make-up as it just catches on every little piece of dryness. I rarely get spots, but if I do then they usually spring up on my forehead or my chin and again, usually during that time of the month.
My Skincare Routine
Eye Makeup Remover | Admittedly, my most used product in this routine is the Superdrug Simply Pure Micellar Water (£2.69). I use this to remove my eye makeup but also sometimes (this is the laziness creeping in again) I just use it on it's own if I'm crawling into bed and just want my makeup OFF. I like the formula, it's not sticky and it doesn't sting my eyes like some other micellar waters have but I do find that it doesn't always remove 100% of my mascara.
Cleanse | Next up in the routine is the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser (£5.99). I've been using this for about a year now and I love it. I wet my face with warm water, apply this and remove it with a damp flannel. I do this twice - one to remove any makeup and dirt, second to really cleanse my skin. Apparently it's really similar to the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish but of course this one is cruelty-free, vegan and 1/3 of the price. It leaves my skin feeling SO incredibly soft and clean but it can also make it feel a little tight. The tightness goes away as soon as I apply moisturiser, though! If you'd like to read my full review of this cleanser click here.

Mask | If my skin is particularly congested and oily, then I'll pop on my favourite face mask: the Superdrug Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask (99p). As it's for sensitive skin it's deep cleansing without irritating my skin and leaving it sore which a lot of other clay masks usually do. It completely absorbs all excess oil from my skin and reduces spots really well. I add this into my skincare routine maybe 2-3 times a month, as I only use it when I'm on! If you'd like to read my full review of this face mask, click here.
Tone | Recently I've been using the Superdrug Vitamin E Toning Facial Mist (£2.99). This toner comes in a bottle with a spray top which means you can just spritz it straight onto your face without needing to waste cotton pads. My spritzer works really well but I have heard of other people having some problems with it - but you could always just swap it into a different bottle. To be honest I haven't noticed much of a difference in my skin since using this - I picked it up hoping it would help close some of my open pores on my cheeks but it hasn't done that. Sometimes I just miss this out of my routine completely and my skin looks and feels exactly the same afterwards so I'm undecided on whether or not I'll bother to continue using this.
Moisturiser | Finally, moisturiser. I'm currently using the Superdrug Vitamin E SPF15 Day Cream (£2.99) and I'm really enjoying it. It leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturised, sinks in really quickly and doesn't leave any residue at all. I'd 100% recommend this moisturiser over the Superdrug Naturally Radiant one, which I found to be really greasy after a while.
So that's my current skincare routine. It might not be very exciting considering it's all from Superdrug but they do the job! All of the products are super budget-friendly, plus of course they're all cruelty-free and suitable for vegans. If you liked this post then please let me know, because I'd love to do some 'skin type/skincare profiles' sharing all of the stuff I learned about each skin type, how to determine which one you are and how to care for it at college.


  1. I love finding drugstore alternatives to popular products - will definitely be checking out that hot cloth cleanser :)

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

    1. I really need you to try some of my Actilabs, all cruelty free of course :) I will enjoy reading your blogs hunny,thank you for letting have the links,lots of love. Karen s xxxx

    2. I really need you to try some of my Actilabs, all cruelty free of course :) I will enjoy reading your blogs hunny,thank you for letting have the links,lots of love. Karen s xxxx

  2. I love this blog post, we have exactly the same type of skin (from what I could tell) and know how hard it is to find products that work for us - I love the superdrug masks, they are really great! I would totally recommend the First Aid Beauty ultra repair cream ( it's so moisturizing and amazing for sensitive skin! As far as I know FAB does not test their products or ingredients on animals (not sure if they are vegan though) :) Thank you for the lovely recommendations, totally saving this post! xx

  3. I've slowly been buying more and more products from Superdrug's own brand range because of their cruelty free approach to products. The day cream sounds like a great alternative to what I'm currently using. Thanks for sharing. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  4. I haven't tried the Cucumber Cooling Mask but it sounds lovely! The Hot Cloth Cleanser is my ultimate fave though :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  5. Thanks for the moisturiser recommendation, I've been looking for the perfect SPF for my travels so will check this out!

  6. I adore super drug for cruelty free bits, especially as someone who's not been cruelty free for that long! It's just so convenient and affordable! I'm pretty lazy when it comes to skincare too but really notice a difference when I do it fully so needs must. 🙈 The hot cloth cleanser is definitely on my to try list now it sounds fab! xx

    Kate |

  7. We literally have the same skin! I'm saving this post for future use as I really want a cruelty free skincare routine - another vitamin e range is the one from body shop and I absolutely love that - the cream cleanser is amazing! I think I'm going to try the vitamin e day cream as it's great that it has SPF in it! :)

  8. I haven't tried the Cucumber Cooling Mask but it sounds lovely. I will try this mask

    Gyaru Eye Makeup Tutorials

  9. Hey Lauren, I'd absolutely love to see a few more skincare and type posts



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