Things To Achieve This Week

I'm totally posting this here so that I'm held accountable.
  Participate in at least one blog chat.
 ♥ Complete one Wreck This Journal/Colouring page.
  Attempt to go out alone at least once.
 ♥ Comment on 3 blogs per day.
 ♥ Stop drinking chocolate milk (!) and start drinking water again.
 ♥ Refocus and re-motivate.
 ♥ Paint my nails.
  Watch one of episode of American Horror Story: Murder House (alone bc no one will watch it with me, sob)
  Write on at least 3 days.
Finish reading Catching Fire & start Mockingjay.


  1. Go out alone at least once - I like that xx

    The Life of Little Me

  2. It's oddly satisfying to read through other peoples to-do lists! Although it makes me remember how much is already on my list and cringe haha
    Also, that personalized notebook is awesome!
    Caitie x

    1. I love reading other people's to-do lists too! x

  3. Its weird but I love reading other peoples lists! haha Makes me want to get on track of my own!

    Renee | Lose The Road


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