Wreck This Journal #2

Due to the surprising popularity of my previous Wreck This Journal post, I thought I'd do another! I haven't been wrecking that much because my kitten Luna seems to find the process very entertaining and thinks that me colouring in with a felt tip is an invitation for her to attack either myself or the pen. She also likes stepping in my watercolour paints (although she regrets it afterwards). But here is my progress since last time!

The Title Page. This is one of the first pages you see when you open the journal, and I felt like it needed a bit of jazzing up. So I pulled out some felt tip pens and began to just doodle. This is what it ended up looking like - some of them are far from perfect and it really bugs me, but I guess the whole point of this project is to just go with it and let it be as good or bad as it wants! I went over the writing in black felt tip, just because after doodling all over it you couldn't really see it! I think it looks nicer this way though, the writing stands out better amongst the colours.  

Climb Up High And Drop The Journal. I don't know if I have some hidden, destructive personality but this was so much fun to do. I went up into my bedroom and threw the journal out of the window - and then repeated that action more times than I'd like to admit. I have drawn a little something on that page in the journal, but it isn't exactly a fabulous drawing (in fact I think my 7 year old sister could do better) so I thought I'd spare your eyes and my ego by leaving that photo out. The journal now has particularly scuffed edges, which I am very proud of.
This Page Is For Handprints. Following on from the last post (where I used lipstick to create a stain log) I decided to paint my hand with one of my least favourite lipsticks for this page. As you can see on the left page I pressed my whole hand down, where-as on the opposite page I just went for it and re-painted my fingertips over and over.
What do you think of my progress so far? For more wrecking inspiration, check out part one where I may or may not have involved an unsuspecting neighbours car. 


  1. I love you hand prints page. I live in a ground floor flat so I don't think throwing it out my window would do much!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. Thank you! and awh! My dad lives on the 3rd floor of a block of flats and I'm so tempted to throw it off of his balcony, I'm just so destructive haha! x

  2. Really nice blog ��


  3. Oh my god! You've made it look so beautiful, I'm so jealous x


  4. I love my Wreck My Journal. I got it a few years ago, and still go back to it now :) x



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