Goodbye September

Well. September was a bit of a whirlwind, wasn't it? I've been so incredibly busy (and exhausted) that, despite my best intentions, I only managed four blog posts this month, including this one. Ah well. There's always next month.

The main reason my creativity was put on hold is because I've been working with a new mental health team and I'm currently trialling two new medications, which has knocked me o u t in terms of energy and motivation levels. So, so tired. Lord help me. I have managed to do a few things, though, so let's check back with my to do list...

My September To Do List
1. Experiment with baking and share a few recipes.
2. Spend time with the kittens before they go to their forever-homes.
3. Refresh my Lush stash with bath bombs galore (bath season is coming!)
4. Give the Great British Bake Off a chance, even though I dislike the new presenters.
5. Introduce a new fruit or vegetable into my weekly shop.
6. Get outside more, even if it's only the back garden.
7. Establish a new routine of productivity with lots of rest added appropriately.
8. Stand up for myself and my health - I want to be a better personal ally.
9. Try yoga. For real this time.
10. Refer to my planner every morning before I touch social media.

I did experiment with some vegan baking, although it turned out rather disastrously which meant I didn't get to share the recipe. These cookies looked (and tasted) pretty nice, but the fact they weren't supposed to be cookies in the first place should indicate how badly it went...
Spending time with the kittens went especially well, considering one of them now lives with me ;). I'll introduce her properly another time, perhaps, but Luke and I are absolutely smitten with our new bebe.
It's been quite soul-healing to have this tiny baby in my life, actually. I've been a little all over the place, to be honest, what with two new medications and twice-weekly meetings with the team who have prescribed them to me, via a psychiatrist. Her little personality is blossoming as each day goes by and she absolutely adores attention and cuddles. Cradling a tiny, purring kitten and holding her tight to my chest makes my soul so incredibly happy.
Refreshing my Lush stash was another thing I completed pretty early on in the month: as a reward/bribe for taking my new medication I placed one hell of a Lush order. Most of the items have been saved for a giant Lush Halloween post, which is coming sometime next week, but they've all provided a lot of comfort and sparkle to otherwise difficult days.
I also picked up a couple of books this month. I've always tried to manage my mental health with a mix of traditional medicine and ~holistic~ techniques and now that I'm working with a more intensive mental health team I figured it was time to bring some more in-depth soul-healing reads to my bookcase. I spied these three on Brianne's Instagram (which is fab btw) and, after reading about them online, added them straight to my Amazon basket. I've yet to read them because my concentration levels are still a little iffy but soon, soon.
As for my planner... I completely forgot about it, to be honest. I did buy a 'weekly plan' desk pad at Sainsburys for £1 the other day, so maybe I'll get more use out of that, paired with a wall calendar that I also forgot I had. I think I'm over the whole bullet journal thing - I much prefer all of my subjects and lists and plans separate, as I kept getting everything jumbled and I didn't like it. I think a wall calendar and several subject-based notebooks are going to be the way forward for me.  
What else happened this month? Oh! I got my new glasses. They're men's frames and I'm obsessed with them. I also had my hair cut a few days ago so I'm rocking another full fringe. I like it much better this time, and I can't help smiling every time I catch my reflection in a mirror/window. I did try yoga... once. I really enjoyed it though, so I'm going to get back to it asap. 

And finally: I bought these incredible boots from Primark yesterday. I am utterly besotted with them. That is all.
Things you should read and/or watch:
14 Essential Oils You Should Have At Home by Bre at Brianne Etc. An old post but one I've been referring to lately!  


  1. I've definitely had similar experiences with vegan baking - things taste good but look kind of nothing like the picture 😅 Sounds like you've had a half decent month! I've had my eye on Light is the New Black, so I'd be interested to hear what you think when you get around to reading it 🙌🏼

    Thanks for including me in your little 'to read' list too - feel very flattered to be in there with some very well-known bloggers!

    Becky xo

    1. Vegan baking is quite the minefield! I've had so many disasters haha. Oh and you're so welcome! I adoreee your blog x

  2. Ahahah guess it's kind of glad to know I'm not the only one who's sort of ditched my journal/planner this month! I need to get back to it though, it's a lot more important than we think! But hey, props to you for crossing so many off that list!
    I actually also tried yoga for the first time this September, and I actually quite like it, even though it takes a lot of practice! I suggest you give it a try. <3
    Happy weekend, Lauren!

    Joanne | Life in Blue Skies

    1. I always have such good intentions with my planner but then forget about it for days on end. I really do need to track my appointments and things better, but I'll use my wall calendar for that instead, I think.

      Oh and I've tried yoga again! It's difficult but I'm determined!

      Thank you for your comment <3

  3. You did so well on your to-do list considering how out of it you felt all month!
    I'm looking forward to seeing more photos of your new kitten on here and Instagram; I can't have any pets where I'm currently living and it breaks my heart, so at the moment I live vicariously through everyone else's pets 🙊 Pets can also do wonderful things for your mental health so I hope she continues to bring you happiness!
    LOVE those boots by the way! They're super cute x

    Indya ||

    1. Thank you Indya! I'm gonna try my best to get a post up about her at some point because she really is too cute not to share haha xxx

  4. There is nothing better than a kitten for soothing the soul! I've had my cat, Harley, for 2 and 1/2 years now but he still always makes me feel more positive by cuddling up with me, or playing like a mad thing. x x

    1. Aw that's lovely <3 Luna brings me so much comfort, especially when she sits with me because she refuses to sit with anyone else! It's nice to have a new tiny baby to run around after xx


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