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My last favourites post was back in April and I've accumulated quite a few things to talk about since then so I figured it was time for another. I think I've finally decided to give up on the whole 'monthly favourites' thing and to just share things as and when I want to as I'm quite a boring little creature and don't always have new things to talk about each month!  

Skinny Dip is the perfect nude for a pale gal like myself and the 'coconut infused' formula leaves my nails feeling healthy both during and after wear. Literally no other shade has graced my nails over the past couples of weeks and despite my lack of base and top coat it lasts at least 5 days before it begins to chip. Love!  
Home Style Magazine.
I've always loved interior design - my roomspiration Pinterest board and it's 650+ pins can attest to that - but I've always struggled to find interiors magazines that catered for those on a small budget. Enter Home Style, a budget-friendly yet fabulously edited magazine that I now buy on a monthly basis. It's not the type of 'read and recycle' trash magazine I used to buy, but something that I continue to refer to long after it's release date. My favourite features are those which offer room tours and renovation stories from readers, the 'Under £40' accessories edit on the first few pages and the 'Under £5' edit on the final page. It also contains recipes and a weekly meal plan, but as a vegetarian there isn't much I take away from these pages!
Pikachu Ankle Socks - Primark.
How bloody adorable are these little socks? Luke picked them up for me when he was in town recently. They came in a set of three pairs - the two others feature a much larger single Pikachu design, but this pair is my favourite. They're the perfect gift for any budding Pok√©mon Trainer and are also going to come in handy come September when I'm back in my ankle boots full-time!
Fortune Cookies - Tiger.
For the sake of clarity I should probably mention that these are definitely not gluten-free, although they are vegan! I'll spare you the diet update and just move onto the fact that I love these fortune cookies! I used to buy them from my local Chinese takeaway until they closed down and I've been pining for some ever since, so of course when I spotted this box of ten in Tiger I bought them. The fortunes I've gotten so far have been pretty generic, although I'm desperate to get the one that says 'Winter is Coming' for obvious reasons.
Aside from these things, I've also been loving dark chocolate topped rice cakes, Sex and the City, the latest season of Pretty Little Liars, my Instagram feed and the Lush Yoga Bomb bath bomb.
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  1. Hahaha I'm the same way; just share whenever.
    I love a good nail polish that can last a few days without chipping. And those Pikachu socks are too cute!!<3


  2. Love that polish! I like how nude nails make your nails look longer and cleaner. Do you really like the new season of Pretty Little Lairs? I stopped watching after they decided to fast forward 5 years. I just feel like they continue to repeat the same situations over and over again. ♥

  3. Ahh, gotta love fortune cookies. (AND YES TO DARK CHOCOLATE TOPPED RICE CAKES YES) hahaha. Wouldn't call myself a Pokemon fan but those socks are too adorable! Have a good weekend, Lauren! Xo

    Life in Blue Skies | A Lifestyle Blog

  4. I've never really picked up any other magazines apart from fashion and arty ones however Home Style sounds like one that I want to look at. The idea of an 'Under £40' and an 'Under £5' sections sound amazing too :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  5. I have to agree that I absolutely LOVE interior magazines! I study magazine journalism at uni and the inspiration you can get from them is unreal. Even if it's just a cheap DIY or article on how to place things. I'm obsessed! Those Pikachu socks are also the most adorable things!

    Vee //


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