Lush Avobath Bath Bomb

Well, well... it's been a while since I posted a Lush bath bomb review hasn't it?! This is mainly because up until about a month or two ago, I was still trying to make my way through all of my Christmas bath bombs and I didn't see the point in reviewing them in March and April! BUT I do miss posting my Lush reviews as they're always a lot of fun to photograph so today I thought I'd review a bath bomb I used a little while ago: Avobath. 
To me, Avobath screams Summer. The bomb itself is a gorgeously vibrant green shade and the scent is SO refreshing and uplifting. It's packed with avocado, lemongrass oil and bergamot oil which creates a really lemony, almost fizzy scent and also envelops your skin in nourishment. Honestly - if you have dry, dehydrated skin but don't get on with Butterball, Avobath is the one for you.
Once it's plonked into your bath, it immediately creates an explosion of shimmery green colouring that spreads out into the water. Avobath does contain a little glitter (or lustre as Lush likes to call it) but it's more shimmery than glittery and doesn't leave you coated like Intergalactic. It's really subtle but does add a little dazzle to what would otherwise be quite a plain bath bomb.
I liked Avobath a lot more than I was expecting to. I generally steer away from the 'plain' bath bombs in favour of something a little more spectactular but sometimes I do have those days where I just want something simple, especially now that Summer is slowly rolling around and I want to spend more time outside and less in the tub.

You can get Avobath online and in any Lush store for £3.35. It's also suitable for vegetarians and vegans!

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  1. I loved this bath bomb when I tried it. Great review lovely!

    Ella xx

  2. Great review! I normally overlook the plainer bath bombs but you've made this sound so lovely and the added luster makes me want to go buy one right now. Great that it's Vegan too. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  3. Avobath is definitely one of my favourites! Lovely review! :) xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal

  4. I'm also a fan of Avobath (don't think I've reviewed it yet but it's one of my faves of the plain ones!). Gorgeous photos by the way lovely :) x

  5. I've still got this one to try i just loved the way it smelt!
    Love Vicki |


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