Animal Crossing Problems

 When you decide to answer Harriet's questions honestly and end up with an ugly hairstyle for the day.
When you scare away a Golden Stag on the island.
 When your favourite villager keeps asking to move away. (I'm looking at you, Melba.)

 When you decide to let a villager move away but then regret it for the rest of your life. (I'm looking at you, Ankha.)

 When you decide to let a villager move away and then a monkey/chicken/gorilla villager moves in. *shudder*
 When your hybrid garden keeps spawning red/white flowers instead of pink ones.
 When you're trying to collect a certain furniture collection that is NEVER in store so your house is left half-furnished for a year. (True story)
 The fact that you can't plant a bush/tree next to a rock. WHY?
  When a new villager moves in RIGHT on top of your flowers/paths.
  When a villager asks you to take a gift to the villager that's stood RIGHT BEHIND THEM because they 'don't have time' to.

When you give someone the wrong present on Toy Day and effectively ruin Christmas for the entire town.

♥ Trying to find glasses that cover your gigantic anime eyes properly.

 Arranging furniture is a bloody nightmare unless you're strictly organised and good at planning. Happy Home Designer has a much better system imo.

 ♥ When you look for interior design inspo on Tumblr and end up wanting to demolish your house & start over.

 ♥ When you have 'bad luck' and fall over whenever you attempt to run anywhere, so either have to put up with that or walk slowly around town all day.  

 Trying to decide if you want to stock your museum or get that dolla when catching a new shark.

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  1. Omg, I've just got back into playing animal crossing and YES to all of these! I never seem to learn with Harriet and always mistakenly believe it will turn out cute this time! (I'm always wrong) Oh man, I've been playing for years and still haven't managed to get a complete set of furniture, I'm always hoping for Lovely or Regal in the store. Oh one of my animal crossing problems is, yet again catching a sea bass.

  2. Animal Crossing is my favourite game of all time so this post gave me life! I need to dig it out and play it now <3

  3. I aaalways google the hairstyle answers, need that perfect hairstyle haha some of them are so goofy looking x

    Love Vicki |

  4. I'm so bad at keeping up appearance in my town so there are always weeds! I spend half my time getting rid of them, I wish I could be a better major but I'm too busy adulting. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

  5. Haha yes! I say this every time you mention AC, but oh man I really must buy it again and find my DS.

  6. OH my god this makes me want to play animal crossing again! I called my person Cashew and she had an unrequited love story with a Wolf.
    Story of my life too with the furniture :P Oh and bloody Harriet and her misleading questions! Aaah too many memories from this :)

    Bumble & Be


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