The Happy List #9

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Welcome to the first Happy List of 2016! I would say I'm surprised that it's taken me this long to do one but I'm not - I was kind of waiting to do one until I felt something that resembled happiness for longer than fifteen minutes. But it would appear that that time has come (yay!) so allow me to fill you in on some of the things that have inspired this lovely feeling in me recently.

1. Putting RAW on a series link on my TV. I've always been a huge fan of WWE, it's something that inspires a lot of nostalgia within me. For a couple of years I stopped watching it but last year Luke & I got the WWE Network on his Xbox & now look forward to watching a new PPV each month! We were always kind of out of the loop with the drama because we never watched RAW but Sky One shows it every Sunday morning & I've set it to record on my TV box so we can catch up each week! 
2. Treating myself to my favourite interior design magazine. I'm not really into 'womens' magazines or fashion magazines (although I do miss Company, sob) - interior design magazines are where it's at for me. I rarely rarely buy them because I always tend to stalk Pinterest and I'm worried about it being a waste of paper but as I keep & reread them often I feel like it's not really a waste. The one I get is called Home Style & it's only £1.80. Totally recommend if you like home décor but are on a budget!
3. GOING TO MY DADS HOUSE <3. Guys I did it!! On Monday I spur-of-the-moment got my Dad to come and pick me up and I went to his house for an hour or two. This was the first time I'd been down there since Boxing Day. I kept intending to go but would always wind myself up and overthink and by the time Sunday came around I'd be a wreck. I'm still very nervous about going but it's slowly getting easier.
4. The photo booth feature on my iPad. I'm that girlfriend that sends their boyfriend ugly photos of themselves. Sometimes I just like to wake Luke up with a hideous photo of myself and a sweet message like "ur girlfriend is SO hot" or something similar. It's also a ton of fun to do with Leigh, my sister. Simple minds eh!
5. My Valentines gifts from Luke. My Luke, bless him. He does gifting so well! For Valentines Day he treated me to a little leopard print knot-wrap filled with Lush goodies - the elusive Unicorn Horn bubble bar, the Ladybird bubble bar, the Rose Bombshell bath bomb and my favourite Intergalactic bath bomb. In exchange I baked him a huge batch of heart shaped biscuits and topped them with icing and red sprinkles!
6. Being able to leave the house again. I wasn't going to list this point because my brain is telling me I'll 'jinx' it but it's something that I feel needs to be recognised and celebrated. My little 'safety circle' is slowly expanding and I'm venturing further and further outside each day. A mere two weeks ago I could barely make it to the end of my road and now - I've been to the corner shop and bought things, ordered and waited for food at a takeaway, taken the dogs to the woods and around the block... ALL BY MYSELF! Just today in fact I went to a charity shop and into Wilkinsons and bought myself a few things, something that filled me with panic or fear but still I did it.

What things have made you happy this week? Leave your own Happy List in the comments :) xo 


  1. It's great how you spoke about your "safety circle" being more expanded and such. I'm certainly familiar with the feeling, like you're slowly but surely making progress. <3 Lovely list!

    Life in Blue Skies | A Fashion and Lifestyle Blog

  2. Nice post, and regarding number 6 -WELL DONE YOU!- definitely something to celebrate!!! From someone who's been there and understands :) x

  3. What a cute Valentine's Day gift! Well done for expanding your 'safety circle' hopefully it will get easier every day. There will be set backs but stay strong and believe in yourself - you can do this!

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  4. Woo congrats on such big steps with your anxiety! That's so exciting. I've been doing a little happy things link up if you're interested! > xx

  5. Sounds like you've had a good week. Well done with all the positive steps with your anxiety, it must be so difficult, but I'm sure you can conquer it! xx

    Bethan Likes

  6. Massive congratulations on expanding your 'safety circle.' I remember when mine was just my own house, inside the four walls. It's the only place that feels safe, but at the same time you just want to be able to go out and do the shopping/walk the dog/etc, right? But it's never that easy, so way to go on expanding it! Keep up the good work :) x x


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