Vegan Concealers from B. at Superdrug

B. Flawless Long-Lasting Concealer in Light. ||  B. Radiant BB Under Eye Concealer in Light.
Exciting announcement time: the entire contents of my make-up bag is now completely cruelty-free! I have one product that isn't vegan, but aside from that one the rest of it is. And two of my favourite vegan make-up products are my B. concealers. I decided to pop them both into this post together, as I feel like they're both great for different reasons and they both make up for what the other lacks. I also find that they work really well together if I need something more heavy-duty for my dark circles that day.

SO here I have the B. Radiant BB Under Eye Concealer and the B. Flawless Long-Lasting Concealer. God, don't these concealers have ridiculously long names??  First up I'll tell ya about that little Flawless Long-Lasting number. Its the smaller tube of the two, as the product is in stick form, very similar to a lipstick. It also has an angled/slated tip, meaning it's the perfect shape and size to apply right on your dark circles. This concealer is suuuper creamy, however I do find that it can crease at times. Nothing a little blending won't fix, though! Also, despite it's thick consistency, it's definitely not a concealer to blend with your make-up brushes. I've tried with both a buffing brush and a regular foundation brush and it literally just wipes the product off of your skin. The best way to blend this concealer is to tap it in lightly with your fingers. I've tried smudging it out with my fingers, too, but again it just wipes it right off. The coverage is actually really good, and I don't ever feel like I need to re-apply during the day. The formula also contains minute shimmery particles which brightens beautifully. Because of this, I feel like the shade is light enough for my skin despite it looking a tad too dark in the tube.
Left: B. Radiant BB Under Eye Concealer in Light. || Right: B. Flawless Long Lasting Concealer in Light.

Secondly, the Radiant BB Under Eye Concealer. This concealer is a lot more liquid than the Flawless one, and is dispensed into the brush right from the packaging itself. It can be quite hit-and-miss when I'm trying to get some of the product out - sometimes it flows out quickly and easily, other times it takes a little while and I end up with too much of it. You simply twist the end of the tube and it pumps the concealer out through the brush. The brush itself is just a basic plastic-y brush that is okay to apply with, but certainly not to blend! The complete opposite of the Flawless concealer, this concealer is thin enough that it's easier to use a brush to blend it in. Although, similarly, it works best if you tap it in with the brush instead of moving it around too much. I feel like this concealer is perfect if you want something that's a bit more light-weight and subtle, but that still offers good coverage. I use this on it's own most days, although sometimes I need a touch of the Flawless concealer to really help disguise my dark circles.
Left: B. Flawless Long Lasting Concealer in Light. || Right: B. Radiant BB Under Eye Concealer in Light.

I don't really feel like either of these concealers would be great at concealing blemishes, simply because the Radiant BB concealer is a bit too thin, and the Flawless Long-Lasting concealer is a bit too thick and brightening. But they work brilliantly as under-eye concealers! The shade that I have in both is 'Light' which is the lightest shade, although you can see from the photo above that they're not really that similar. I do find that they both work pretty well for my pale skin, though. (The Radiant BB concealer especially)

Both of these concealers are, of course, cruelty-free and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. You can find both online (Flawless) (Radiant) and in some Superdrug stores on the B. make-up counter.

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  1. Great post, I've used a few B. Products before but never the concealers so it's good to hear what you think. Xxx

  2. Congratulations on having a completely cruelty-free make-up bag! I've just started trying out some stuff from this range and I'm loving it so far, I've been wearing the waterproof mascara a lot. The Long Lasting concealer looks a bit dark for me but the under eye concealer looks ideal :) xx


  3. I want to try some of these!! :) I have just discovered the brand and I love their skincare! xx


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