The Happy List #6

September, you were pretty good to me.
1. My Custom Illustration from Jemma @ Dorkface. A couple of weeks ago I saw Jemma advertising on Twitter about her gorgeous designs, and pretty much decided on the spot that I wanted a custom illustration for my in-progress re-decorated bedroom. As it happened, she had a spare slot going the following week as someone had cancelled and it just seemed like fate! Fast-forward to now and I have the most beautiful custom illustration framed in my room! Jemma was SO so lovely to work with, and she really listened to everything that I wanted but also put her own creative spin on it which I really loved. (PS. you should totally check out her other designs & order yourself one because she's amazing)

2. Buying my boyfriend & brother tickets to see KSI. My boyfriend & brother are big fans of those 'FIFA' Youtubers... you know the ones that essentially scream and shout and swear their way through videos? Well it turns out that one of them (KSI) is coming to Bristol on his book tour. So I bought them tickets! It was so nice to buy them both something that is going to be an experience, rather than a material object. My brother was with me when I bought them so he knew right away, but it was so fun to go to my boyfriend's house and surprise him with the tickets!
3. The sales assistant in Lush giving my sister a sample. My sister has something called Nephrotic Syndrome, which means her kidneys leak protein, and we had to go to the hospital for her to have an ultrasound this month. I was terrified - I kept having nightmares about her needing a kidney transplant - but it turned out okay, although we don't have the results back yet. Plus I'm sad to say that her doctor was a complete dick. He made both myself and Leigh incredibly uncomfortable and I just hope we never have to see him again! ANYWAY horrible doctors aside, on the way home we stopped into Lush so I could show her the new summer collection. Whilst we were browsing, she came across the Toothy Tabs and asked what they were. A sales assistant came over and explained them to her, and asked if she would like to try some! So she left with a little tin full of Toothy Tabs. She was so so excited and it was such a positive end to what was a pretty horrible hospital visit.
4. Dog walks. Lately I've been pushing myself to go out alone a lot more, and one way I've been doing this is by taking my dog out for a walk. The weather is just cold enough now that I can bundle up in a cosy jumper and scarf and walk him without getting too hot! I usually take him to the play park and then walk the long way home. I'm trying to take different routes every day so that I'm kind of pushing myself a little bit more as opposed to going the way that I'm used to all the time.
5. Waking up to find Luna snuggled into me. There's nothing better than waking up to find her purring beside me!
6. Autumn is here. Winter is coming. Autumn is definitely my favourite season. It's cold but not too cold, and dark but not too dark. Plus I feel like Autumn is when the world looks the most colourful - the leaves turn yellow, red and orange and everyone brings out their cosy transitional knitwear. Plus I can enjoy having baths again! I've used more of my Lush collection this month than I have all year!
7. Acting a WAG on Sunday mornings. My boyfriend started up a football team for our local area a few months ago, and September marked the beginning of their first season. They play every Sunday morning (kick-off is usually at 10.30am) and I've really been enjoying standing on the sideline cheering him on. I wake up, put on a touch of concealer, throw on the warmest outfit I can find and fill my travel mug with a hot drink. My mum & sister usually come, along with Luke's mum and younger brother, and it's nice to just stand around chatting to each other whilst supporting him! (Plus he looks fit as f in his goalkeeper kit)

What has made you happy this month?

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  1. Aw I hope you sister is doing a bit better after her awful experience. That was so nice of the Lush assistant. I find that Lush's staff on the whole seem very genuine and can't do enough for you. Your illustration is beautiful!

    Roxie x
    The Beautiful Bluebird

    1. Thank you so much :) & yeah they're always so lovely, my dad goes in to buy my Christmas gifts every year and they're so much help to him as he doesn't have a clue what to get haha! x

  2. Horrible doctors suck, it's part of their job to be comforting and put their patients at ease! Glad to hear the Lush assistant cheered her up though. Cat cuddles are the best xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

  3. I love these posts :)
    I hope your sister is okay now, I find that the Lush shop assistants are always so helpful and friendly. Very kind of them to give your sister the sample!
    Your illustration by Jemma is lovely, she really is very talented! x

    Bethan Likes

  4. I hate it when people who are supposed to be helping make a situation so much worse. Loving the illustration, Gemma is super talented. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming


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