Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar

I'm not usually aesthetically drawn to make-up (packaging is a different story) but with the Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar blush palette, it was love at first sight. I picked this up when I was on holiday back in June as it was in-store and I'd only ever drooled over it online, and I've been loving it ever since.

The palette consists of five blusher shades, a highlight and two bronzers. Three of the blushers are quite pinky toned, where-as the other two are more brown based. I tend to lean towards the pinkier blushes, purely because of personal preference. The one that I use the most is the one sat right next to the highlight, although after swatching I love the look of the one sitting below that so I might try that out tomorrow. All of the blushes are crazy pigmented too - I have to be careful with how much I apply because they're so good! They're all shimmery, but not glittery which I love. The lighter of the bronzers is shimmery, too, but the darker one is matte.
 Swatches: top row.
Swatches: bottom row.
But, my favourite thing about this palette is definitely the highlight. It is SO beautiful. It's a sort of golden-toned white/silver that suits my skin tone beautifully. I wore this to a party I attended with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and with the flare from the lights, he said I practically blinded him with my cheek bones. Whenever I wear it I always say it's like my cheeks have been blessed by fairies!
As is blogger law, I suppose I should talk about the packaging. The whole palette is actually really large and very simple. The palette itself is made from sturdy black plastic embossed with the Makeup Revolution logo in copper, but then as a special little touch it also comes in a matte cardboard box that features the same colour scheme. Inside of the palette there's a huge mirror which literally spans the entire length and width of the shell. Amazing.
Overall, this is SUCH a beautiful palette and priced at £6 how could you resist? I personally find it really handy to have my blushers, bronzers and a highlight all in one place because if not they're all tucked away in a drawer and I forget about my options! The staying power for all of these shades is insane - I'll apply it in the morning and it'll still be lingering come bedtime.
This palette is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. You can buy this palette from Superdrug online and in-store, or straight from the Makeup Revolution website.

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  1. love the photos and swatches! I'm totally in love with it too and the palette looks like its full of little colourful planets. I'm getting it as well, switching all my make up to all vegan and CF stuff! inc. brushes.


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