Withdrawn at Leigh Woods

Slightly photo-heavy post coming at ya today, as I'm finally going to share the photos I took of the Withdrawn exhibit at Leigh Woods. I've been wanting to see this exhibit since it was installed back in April this year and a couple of weeks ago Luke & I decided to explore Bristol for the day and ended up at Leigh Woods (thanks Dad!).

Withdrawn is an exhibition created by Luke Jerram. Deep in Leigh Woods, a fleet of five fishing boats of various sizes stand stranded in the woodland. It's symbolic of all sorts of worrying issues, such as climate change and humans impact upon the marine environment. I'm a total eco-warrior so I adore everything that this exhibition stands for, and I just had to see it before it disappears in October. I'm tempted to go back again to witness it at dusk, as the boats navigation lights turn on and twinkle in the darkness.

 I really urge anyone that lives in/around Bristol to go and have a look - it really is a bizarre experience. The boats are all varying in sizes, but some of them are so large that I couldn't even look into the cab. For those that I could, though, I loved all of the little details inside: fisherman's jackets and papers, life jackets and camping stoves. Of course all of the boats engines and fuel systems were removed and the artist himself re-enforced all of the structure to make these boats safe for the public.
It is a bit of a trek into the woods to reach the boats, but once you're there it's totally worth it. It's quite easy to find, too, as there are little sign posts along the way to point you in the right direction. I just wish I had worn more comfortable shoes! You can tell that we weren't planning to end up here when I got dressed that morning haha.
Withdrawn by Luke Jerram can be found in Leigh Woods, Bristol until October 31st 2015.


  1. wow. this looks a really cute place, and I think its national trust! Thats really cool, thanks for sharing x


  2. This looks so cool! Although i live in Bristol i don't think i've ever been to Leigh Woods, definitely want to explore x

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. It was my first visit to Leigh Woods, at least since I was in primary school haha! it is really pretty there x


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