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I've finally finished painting my bedroom!! I'd only been planning/talking about doing it for about six or seven months before I finally did it, but hey! That's also another thing ticked off of my 2015 Goals (which you can keep track of here if you're interested) In celebration, I got snap happy with my camera and photographed two 'areas' of my room for blog posts, one of which is for this very post. Woooo.

So - this is my desk area. It's tucked right behind my TV, and is pressed up against my built-in wardrobe unit. I can't actually get internet connection from where it is (DOH), so I mostly use it to write in notebooks, to blog plan and for when I'm doing actual writing and don't want the internet to distract me. The desk itself is one I bought from Ikea about 6 years ago for £10 (similar one from Ikea here) and I genuinely could not tell you where the chair is from. It's kind of my in-between chair at the moment, as I'm yet to replace it with a nicer one. In the middle of the desk, I have an Ikea place mat that I bought for 75p (here). Stood at the back of the desk, leaning against the wall, is this beautiful framed photograph of Audrey Hepburn that my Dad bought me for Christmas a few years ago. (Similar one here).
To the right of my desk (on the side of my wardrobe unit) is my photo collage. I might do a full post explaining where I got the pictures from etc, so let me know if you're interested in that! I'll also go into more detail and zoom in on the photos so you can get a proper look at them in the post.
On the left-hand side of my desk, I have these two Ikea plant pots, which I'm using as pen pots. I'm sure you all recognise them, as they're really popular in the blogging/YouTube world for using as make-up brush holders. These were £1.90 each, and are available online here. I think they're so pretty, and the colours in my 'colouring' pot stand out so nicely against the white. In the one on the left, I have a variety of biro pens in red, pink, blue and black. I also have some sneaky Ikea pencils tucked in there... In the right pot, I have colouring pencils, permanent markers (which I used in this DIY) and some felt tips. Dotted around the front of the pots I have a few smooth crystals, including Snowflake Obsidian and Tigers Eye. I have a ton of crystals dotted randomly in my bedroom - you'll see when I do my other bedroom post!
Along the right-side of my desk, I have two candle holders, a letter rack and a memo block. The tall candle holder is actually from a charity shop (similar here) and I have a few pieces of jewellery in there, just because I think it looks pretty. On top is the Yankee Candle Vanilla Cupcake votive (here). My second little candle holder is a fairly new purchase - it's a little buddah. I bought him from a store called B&M Bargains for £2.99. (Similar one here). Sitting inside of the holder is a Red Berry & Jasmine tea light from Primark. My memo block is from Poundland, but here is a similar one from Paperchase. Finally, my letter rack. My Dad got me this for Christmas not last year, but the year before. It's from Wilkinsons, but here is a verrrry similar one from Paperchase. Inside of the rack is a bunch of random things, including some postcards from Paperchase and Pokemon cards. I usually keep important 'to do' paperwork in the back slot, plus I have a few photos that I switched out from my photo wall tucked away in the middle section.
So that's it! That's my desk. It's pretty eclectic and random, but I love it. In the future I'm hoping to upgrade to a white desk, just because I think it'll look nicer, but this desk still has a little life in it so I'll wait until it collapses!


  1. Love it! I really like the plant pots for your pens! And the candle holder with the jewelry!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  2. Your desk looks so great! It is so nice to have somewhere tidy and clear to work I always find I am more productive when sitting at a desk!
    Love your new header by the way :)
    Bethan Likes

  3. I love this idea for a post, and am plotting to steal it as I have just about finished my little workspace!

    Looks like an inspiring corner :)

    Lis / last year's girl



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