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The Berkley Wetherspoons, 15-19 Queens Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1QE | 0117 927 9550 | Sun - Thurs 8am - 12am | Fri - Sat 8am - 1am
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, I'm sure you know that it was my birthday last week. I turned 20, and I wanted a kind of no-fuss, no frills day. So I went to the Bristol Museum with my boyfriend and younger sister (she had an in-service day at school), and then hopped across the road to The Berkley to meet my Dad for lunch. To be honest, unless my Dad had mentioned it, I would never have thought to stop into The Berkley to eat, but I was so glad we did.

The Berkley (Wetherspoons) is right at the top of Park Street, dead opposite the Museum. In fact, if you grab a window seat you can marvel at the grand Museum building whilst you're eating. The Berkley is actually a pub, and when you walk in you're greeted with a pretty wide, open space dotted with small chairs and tables. Along the right of the place, there's a wide hallway towards more tables and the bathrooms. We chose to sit by the window, at a low table with a plush sofa on one side and two squishy chairs on the other. I was pretty comfortable, although the table was so low I had to hunch over to grab my drink.
I really liked the vibe of this place. It had a comfy, 'Sunday Morning' kind of feel to it. It was super casual, with a variety of customers ranging from students to workers on their lunch break. It is totally a place that you could pull up, no-make up on, and enjoy a chilled meal with your family. The service was super fast, too: our food was delivered within ten minutes, despite it being dead on lunchtime. My only issue was with the bar staff. Our server was pretty slow, and he wasn't exactly polite, either. Another problem we stumbled across was that they had no fish and chips left, even though it was half past twelve! Madness.
What I Ordered:
  ♥ The Vegetarian All Day Brunch (£5.39)
Large Orange Juice (£1.85)
Children's Hot Dog & Chips w/ Lemonade (Leigh's; £3.99)
The food was awesome. We all had the same sized plate (even Leigh), and I feel like we got pretty standard portions. Me, Luke and my Dad all ordered the 'All Day Brunch', although obviously I made mine vegetarian. The Brunch consists of two fried eggs, two pieces of bacon, two sausages, beans and a serving of chips. Because I had the veggie option, they didn't give me any bacon but I gained an extra vegetarian sausage. Not exactly the most complex English breakfast, but it was so filling. The chips were cooked to perfection, and the vegetarian sausages were to die for. They actually had the texture of a proper sausage, and they were so flavourful. My orange juice was lovely and cold, and it actually tasted like orange juice, like it wasn't watered down at all. They also served it with an orange wedge - a simple touch, but a nice one. I finished all of my meal (although I kindly donated my eggs to Luke and my Dad) and I was completely stuffed.
Leigh's hot dog was pretty skinny, but she had a good serving of chips. The children's meals also come with a free fruit bag and drink, which meant she had a little treat for dessert, too! I think it was such a nice touch, especially as the kid's meals are only £3.99.
Overall, I'm really happy we went to The Berkley for lunch. The menu has such a variety of food: salads, burgers, pub classics, vegetarian options... it seems like a great place to take fussy eaters. The value for money I was really impressed with, especially for somewhere that's basically in the middle of town. After checking online, I'm definitely going to go back for their breakfast menu at some point. American style pancakes, anyone? Also, they have a sweet potato, chick pea and spinach curry that sounds amazing... xx


  1. Hope you have a great birthday, lovely!
    I've only just had breakfast, but those chips look very appealing, haha and I've been meaning to try that chickpea curry for ages! I'll have to get myself to a wetherspoons soon. xx

    Catherine / caffrinc.blogspot.co.uk

    1. I did, thank you! The curry sounds SO amazing, I'll definitely be heading back soon as well! xx

  2. This looks sooo good! I'm in Bristol this Thursday and Friday and will definitely be worse for wear on Friday morning so this looks like a must!
    Reinventing Neesha ♥

    1. Haha, it was so good! Definitely recommend, such good value for money too x


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