Superdrug Cooling Cucumber Clay Sachet Face Mask

My skin has been playing up a lot recently, with oiliness and spots galore (there's a nice visual for you) which is SO unlike my usual dry-sensitive type. My cleanser has been working nicely to get rid of the oil and cleanse away the spots, but I was just feeling a bit gross in general because of it, and decided that the perfect pick-me-up would be a face mask. I hopped along to Superdrug and discovered their sachet masks were on 3-for-2, so I spent a little while umming and ahhing until I walked out with three, including the Cooling Cucumber Clay mask.

What drew me to this mask, firstly, was the 'Clay' part of the name. Face masks containing clay are perfect for oily skin, as it literally sucks out excess moisture. But I have to be quite careful with clay products as my skin is so sensitive, which is why I was super happy that it was marked as 'for sensitive skin', which is probably a lot to do with the cucumber. This mask claims to "awaken skin with a blast of cucumber freshness. Enriched with cucumber fruit and Dead Sea Minerals this clay mask will eliminate impurities and soothe skin for a vibrant fresh faced look." I'm very happy to report that this mask did exactly that.
Upon application (which was nice and cold), this mask takes between 5 - 10 minutes to harden. I found this stage to be kind of uncomfortable, because it gets SO tight really quickly, but I could definitely feel it working its magic. It'd definitely apply just one layer though, because as you can see in the photo above, if you apply it too thickly then only half of it dries completely. I applied it all over my face (leaving out the lips and eyes, obvs) and yet there was still enough left in the sachet for a second use. I think these masks would be perfect for girlie nights in, as you could just buy one between you and a friend and there will be enough! It smelled really pleasant too, very cucumber-y and fresh. After the allotted waiting time, I removed the mask with a warm sponge. It wasn't too difficult to remove, although I did have to work at it.
My skin looked and felt SO good afterwards. It felt soft, clean and fresh. The oiliness had disappeared completely, and the redness on my cheeks had died down a lot. It was just SO SOFT. I couldn't believe it. The oiliness did return the day afterwards, but it's no where near as bad as it was before using the mask, and the general colouring of my skin looks a lot more even. I'm definitely going to repurchase after I finish the other two sachets. I can also imagine that this would be a really nice treat during the warmer months, and it's really cooling.
You can buy this mask for 99p online or in any Superdrug store. This product is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


  1. This sounds great, my skin has been pretty oily recently too and it's very annoying! Might have to buy one of these next time I am in Superdrug, I love sachet face masks!

    Bethan Likes

    1. It really helped combat my oiliness! Totally worth the bargain price x

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