9 Things | iPhone Christmas Wallpapers


Like I mentioned in my 25 Things To Do Before December 25th post, I rather enjoy Christmas-ifying my phone when it's the festive season. My ringtone is currently the Christmas theme from Harry Potter & the Chamber Of Secrets, but I wanted to re-vamp my phone wallpapers and thought I'd share my findings with you.
here | here | here *

here | here | here *
here | here | here *
I really like the ones I've found! I decided I'd select three from different 'themes', i.e Quotes, Minimalist and Stand-Out. I really like the colours of the quote wallpapers, particularly the Noel one. The minimalist ones are super cute, especially the pink one with the little snowman. I think these would be nicer as 'Lock Screen' photos - same goes for the quotes. Finally I chose a few patterned ones, as well as the classic Harry Potter Christmas shot.
Personally, I think I'll be switching between the Harry Potter, minimalist pink snowman and the Noel ones between now and Christmas day! Which one is your favourite? xx
* Not all of these photos had source sites, and some of the ones that did didn't have the photo on the page that was linked. For convenience, I linked the 'pin' on my Pinterest page, where you can save the photo straight to your computer and/or click on the photo to find the source site.


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