The Crystals That Called To Me

I firmly stand by the belief that you should choose and purchase crystals in person - it's a much more personable and inspiring experience, especially when the sales assistant is so calming and knowledgeable. Mum and I headed into town last Friday morning and on the way back to the car we stopped in my favourite crystal store to buy crystals as a gift for Mum's god mother. I didn't intend on buying anything, but a few things screamed at me so I picked them up - I never ignore the internal pull towards a certain crystal, and it's always funny to read up on them later to discover they're exactly what I've been needing. On this occasion I purchased a single crystal and a necklace, and my mum treated me to a polished piece too.

The first thing I picked up was this beautiful clear quartz pendant. I wear a rose quartz point daily - I feel incredibly lost without it - and I have amethyst and blue lace agate necklaces but I didn't own any quartz which was strange as quartz is one of the most essential  and versatile crystals to own. Clear quartz is great at adapting to offer whatever you need from it and I'm mainly programming it to work with my anxiety and to wear during therapy sessions.  
The little blue Amazonite crystal drew me in because of it's promise of protection and affiliation with the Amazonian warrior women. I've been feeling a little vulnerable lately and I want to work with Amazonite to help restore my inner strength and to banish negative energy. 
My final purchase was the exquisitely pretty and pink Morganite. I didn't know much about it but it screamed at me from the display so I bought it, Googled it when I returned home and laughed in surprise. Morganite is a crystal of Divine Love and brings healing, love and assurance. It cleanses the body and spirit of stress, anxiety, old wounds and trauma and can aid the wearer to move forward with peace and confidence. Morganite is a crystal I didn't know I needed but it's so perfect for me at this time in my life and I find it so interesting that it called to me.

What are your favourite crystals?


  1. Nice purchases! My older sister recently bought me some crystals and a necklace where I can change out the crystals. She bought me Selenite, White Aventurine, Blue lace agate, and Rose Quartz(my favorite). She even made me a handmade crystal guide that explains each crystal since I'm still new to crystals. ♥

    1. Oh that's so sweet of her! Blue lace agate is lovely and Rose quartz is my favourite too :) xx


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