The Happy List #4


February has been a bit of a mixed bag for me. On the one hand, a lot of things made me really happy & excited. But on the other, especially towards the end of this month, I received a ton of bad news all at once. I'm doing my best to remain positive, not only for myself but for the people around me, and I'm hoping that there isn't any more bad news to come. BUT for now, lets talk about the happy things!

one. All Time Low & You Me At Six. I'm sorry, but I still cannot believe I did this! I would have never imagined that I would ever attend a concert, mostly because of my anxiety. But I did! Bit of a backstory, but five years ago I tried to get tickets to see All Time Low when they came to Bristol, but I couldn't get any. Then, a week before my birthday, I discovered they were on a short UK tour with You Me At Six and after a little Google search I found tickets for Feb 9th in Cardiff. My 15 year old self is SO frickin happy with me. The night itself was insane - it was one of those experiences that you don't really appreciate until afterwards. All Time Low sang all of my favourite songs (A Love Like War, Backseat Serenade, Weightless Therapy, Dear Maria... I could go on) and the switches between songs were seamless. They were so much fun, and so energetic. You Me At Six was a different experience - they were really intense and a lot more mature, I feel, than ATL. I didn't know any of the songs (aside from Lived A Lie, Reckless and Loverboy) but I really got into it. The people sitting in the same seating as me were so boring, they just watched the whole thing through the screens of their phones and cameras, and didn't sing or dance at all. I had an amazing time though! It was my first time travelling to Cardiff and my first time going to a big concert, but I managed it without having a panic attack at all! I did have teary/shaky moments but I survived. I literally can't believe it.
two. My Birthday! I probably should have talked about this first since it happened on February 3rd, but I couldn't contain my excitement talking about ATL. Aaaanyway - I turned 20! I'm feeling pretty good about it, actually. Kind of cliché, but I feel like I've stepped out of my teenage years and am starting fresh. I had a lovely day with my sister and boyfriend, we went to Bristol Museum at the top of Park Street, and then met my dad for lunch at The Berkley (post here). If you'd like to see what presents I got for my birthday, you can click here! Something I didn't add in the post though, was my amazing birthday cake that my mum & boyfriend's work collegue made me. It was a full on chocolate cake decorated with peanut M&M's and a little Luna made out of icing! Isn't it cute?!
three. My Boyfriend Bought Me Flowers. Just randomly, on his way back from the shop he stopped and bought me a beautiful bunch of red and white flowers. It was the perfect little Sunday surprise.
four. Discovering Myself. A couple of years ago when I was around 15, I went through this huge identity crisis. I think it's because of all of the new people that joined my life that year, and they influenced me (unconsciously) in such a way that I decided I wanted to be like them. So I kind of stepped away from who I knew I was as a person, and changed myself to become a bit more 'mainstream' and to just blend in with everyone a bit more. I feel like since I've been to that All Time Low concert, I'm kind of getting back to who I know I am. I always felt like the different sides of me were just TOO different, like different people, but I'm figuring out that they're all actually the same person, and I feel like they're just blending back into being me. It's literally the best feeling ever.
five. Fanfiction. I read Fangirl pretty recently, and it left me with the biggest book hangover I've ever had. The ending always leaves me wanting more, and this time I was determined to get closure, so I started reading Fanfiction. I literally read Fanfiction about a book that was about Fanfiction. Some of it was pretty crap, but I found a few stories that managed to cure the hangover a tad. My next step towards curing it is to read another handful of YA romance novels, which will probably give me book hangovers as well. The joys of reading!
six. Sainsburys Put My Favourite Cereal On Offer. This is a very small thing, but it made me SO HAPPY. There's this certain cereal that I love but I find too expensive (it's £2.50 for a little box) to justify buying, so I always go without it, but Sainsburys currently have it on offer for £2 and I've eaten like two boxes of it already. It's the little things.
 In other news, I'm giving up crisps for Lent. Just thought I should mention that somewhere. xx

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