August Goals

I can't believe it's August already. Phew, now we've got that little truthful cliché out of the way, let's check back with last month's goals!
Last Months Goals.
1. Read 4 books. Tick. I read five books during the month of July, as well as three-quarters of four other books. I mostly finished/started series I owned yet hadn't read yet, so a few were a bit random. I'm going to upload a separate reading wrap-up, so keep an eye out for what I read last month!
2. Send off the book I've chosen for the Summer Book Swap. Tick. I sent off and received a book for the Summer Book Swap and I can't wait for the next one! I chose The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold for my recipient, where-as I received Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult from my other partner. Very excited to read soon!
3. Write. Ahh. Now, I couldn't tick off everything, could I? I've done a hell of a lot of planning this month - my writing Pinterest account has seen a lot of action - but I've just been too damn busy to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) in order to bleed out something longer than a few sentences.
4. Go Veggie. Tick. As of the very beginning of last month, I'm now officially a veggie! Although I do eat fish, so does that make me a pescetarian? Not sure. Either-way, I've been experimenting a lot with different foods and I've been having a lot of fun with it.
5. Start using a blog planner. Tick. I now officially have my own little notebook that I carry around with me for life and blogging purposes. I'm also planning on making a little calendar to go up next to my desk to help plan posts, plus I have a section in another notebook for planning posts, too. Yay for organised blogging!
This Months Goals.
1. Finish decorating my bedroom. The walls and floor are the final things to be addressed, aside from a few little bits and pieces I need to pick up, like a nice chair for my desk.
2. Write up 2 book reviews for my blog. I'm severely lacking on the reviewing front, simply because I re-read more often than I read new books, so I hardly have enough new material to comment on.
3. Read 3 new books. Following on from the above point, I really need to stop re-reading and begin to delve into some new stories.
4. Update my CV. Despite leaving college about a month ago, I haven't updated my CV to account for the fact I'm no longer in education. A serious overhaul is needed, I think. I think I might also plan some covering letter templates, just in case I ever need them.
5. Donate stuff to charity. Because of the re-decoration of my room, I've gone through a lot of my junk stuff and sorted out the things I no longer need. Books, clothes, shoes - you name it. This month I definitely need to take a trip to my local charity shop to donate!
What are your goals this month? If you need more inspiration, check out last month's goals here.

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  1. You're considered a pescatarian if you still eat fish :) I used a really nice template to make my cv. Drop me an email at if you want me to forward you the word document :)
    Water Painted Dreams xo


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