Charity Shop & Car Boot Sale Haul

I think my favourite thing about summer is the fact that it's car boot sale season. There's nothing I love more on a lazy Sunday than waking up early, scouring through the clothing/books at the local car boot sale and then going somewhere for breakfast. My dad is an avid car-booter (is that even a word?) so it's become a kind of yearly tradition for us to go bargain hunting together. Another dearly beloved past-time of mine is charity shopping. I used to volunteer in a charity shop back when I was at college and I gained so much experience, as well as a complete wardrobe overhaul. If I'm being totally honest, 90% of my wardrobe is sourced from charity shops and car boot sales. I don't have the personal budget to shop in places like Topshop and Zara, so it's always nice to pick up something from there that is still in perfect condition yet is 75% cheaper.
I've collected a small grouping of clothes and books over the past two weeks or so across two outings, one of which was a car boot sale, the other was a charity shopping day trip that my mum and I went on. Today I thought I'd show you what I got!

Okay, so I may or may not have already had a copy of City of Bones by Cassandra Clare... but I had the movie cover! When I saw the proper edition in a charity shop for 99p, I snapped it up quick. I've since donated my old copy to charity (promise). My second and final charity shop book buy was this stunning set of LOTR & The Hobbit books. I'm not going to show you what they look like because I'm going to dedicate a whole blog post to them soon, so keep an eye out for that! Finally, I picked up the third book in the Mortal Instruments series 'City of Glass'. This was 30p from the car boot sale. THIRTY P!!!
I've been trying to find my ultimate flannel shirt for such a long time but had absolutely no luck. At least until I bought this amazing Topshop number. I got this from the car boot sale for 50p!! It's a size 6 but to me it looks a lot bigger. I think it's just supposed to be mega oversized, which I don't mind. I prefer to wear shirts buttoned all the way up anyway, so I think this will look awesome with some faux leather leggings and a pair of ankle boots when it gets a bit colder.
Another 50p car boot sale find. This is a chunky grey knitted jumper from New Look Petite. I get SO cold in the Autumn/Winter, and am always reaching for a cosy jumper. I'm quite fussy with my knits as I have really sensitive skin, but this one feels lovely. The only thing I don't like about it is the zips - I feel like it'll look really nice and fitted once I'm wearing it, but they put me off! What do you think?
HOW pretty is this New Look shirt? I grabbed this from a charity shop for £3. I absolutely love wearing shirts, but didn't own a floral one until this beauty came into my life. It's actually quite adventurous for me as I'm usually a black-and-white-and-grey kinda gal (as you can tell from the clothing above) but I really like the creams and blues and purples in this shirt. It's a size 10 so it is pretty big on me, but when I button it up it fits like a dream. It also has a dipped hem at the back so it's perfect to pair with leggings.
This is probably the most out-of-my-comfort-zone thing I've bought in a long time - but at £1 I couldn't say no! I'm not even really sure what drew me to this dress. I'm a huge lover of florals but I prefer ditsy/muted florals rather than these large, brightly coloured blooms. However, I actually really love this dress! I'm thinking if I pair it with my leather jacket and some black shoes I'll feel comfortable enough to rock it. (I bought this from a charity shop btw)
My last purchase from the charity shop was this beautiful H&M dress. I bought it for £4.99 which is more than I would pay in other charity shops, but it still had the tags on so I didn't really mind. The top of it is like a plain t-shirt material with no sleeves, and at the waist it transforms into this beautiful black chiffon. Another dipped hem because apparently I'm into that, but I think this dress is so lovely. I'm not entirely sure where I'll wear this - it seems a bit dressy for day-to-day, but then too casual for a party, so maybe I'll wear it out for a family meal or something.
I'm absolutely in love with everything that I bought. Sometimes I'm a bit thoughtless and impulse buy things that I don't really want/need simply because of the bargain prices, but I feel like this haul was a good one.
What do you think of my purchases? Have you found any gems in charity shops or at car boot sales recently? Let me know in the comments!
P.S If you're a fan of charity shopping, check out my Tips For Charity Shopping  blog post!


  1. I love charity shops and car boot sales! Similar to you, a large percentage of my clothes are from car-boot sales or charity shops! They are so much cheaper, so you can buy more and if you only wear it once, it doesn't matter! I love everything you picked up. I would love to see more car boot/ charity shop hauls on your blog! x

    1. Totally agree! I'm so fussy about what I wear, one day I'll love something and a week later I'll hate it. It's so much easier and nicer to buy pretty things when they're bargains! I'd love to do more charity shop and car boot hauls! x

  2. I haven't been to a charity shop in so long. I recently took a load of stuff to PDSA and decided to have a nose round, they literally had the nicest home things! I also picked up a chick flick and season 1 of my name is earl, both for 99p!!! Such a bargin x

    Abi | abistreetx

    1. Bargain! Charity shops can be really hit-and-miss but sometimes you can find some great gems! x

  3. I'd love to find some car boot sales or charity shop but where I live there aren't any :(

  4. I love the grey jumper and the floral shirt! I need to start checking out charity shops. xxx - natural beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life


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